Yet Another Verizon iPhone Rumor

verizon logo

Are you tired of the Verizon iPhone rumors yet? Or maybe you can’t wait to dump the big bad awful AT&T for… well… the big bad awful Verizon. Personally I’m kinda tired of these but I always feel the need to pass the information rumors on because my goal is to keep you up-to-date.

The latest round of rumor claiming the iPhone will come to Verizon comes from Bloomberg, which was tipped by “two people familiar with the plans”. According to the anonymous sources, the iPhone 4 will appear on Verizon network in January of 2011.

An odd date for the launch of a new product for Verizon as it comes right after the holidays madness. Even more odd is that Verizon spokesperson John Johnson said not even a month ago that there was no plan for Verizon to support the Apple mobile devices in the “immediate future”.

I still don’t think Verizon will have the iPhone next year but hey, I might be wrong.