Will There Be An iPhone 4G?

iphone 4g

One of my friends asked me the other day if the iPhone 4G was just a rumor or was going to be reality. The truth is it’s somewhere in the middle.

There is absolutely no doubt that there will be a new iPhone coming out sometimes in July. If you were on the fence about buying an iPhone now, I’d suggest you wait a few month for the next generation.

There is a big misconception about the so-called iPhone 4G: its name! Apple called the second generation iPhone “3G” because it was “3G capable”, 3G being the Third Generation wireless digital standard for fast data transmission.

For Apple to call their new phone the iPhone 4G, it would take it be to be 4G capabale. The problem is that we’re still a few years away from 4G to be deployed in the States, so don’t hold your breath for an iPhone 4G because this is not happening anytime soon. However, get ready for a badass new iPhone this summer!