You’re Nothing Without Your iPhone

freaking outAs my fiancee and I are a few minutes away from boarding a flight to Cambodia, I’m freaking out at the idea that I might not be able to get a data plan for my iPhone over there.

I’ve been doing a little bit of research online and the information I got is not reassuring. Apparently you have to be a Cambodian citizen to be able to buy a SIM card. Not much of a problem as you can always pay someone to go get a SIM card for you.

The real bad news for me is that it seems you only get coverage in larger cities.

I’ve been expressing my concern to my fiancee about this several times during the past day and I think she’s getting over it. Today she said to me: “you’re nothing without your iPhone, aren’t you?”

It made me think about it for a minute and I came to realize that it’s not really my iPhone that I need most, it’s the mobile Internet access I get anywhere, anytime.

So no, I am not nothing without my iPhone. However, I’m totally miserable without a connection to the Internet that fits in my pocket.

Do you feel the same?