499 Reasons to Buy an iPad

Since it was unveiled last week, there has been no shortage of reactions on why the iPad might just fail and how underwhelming this new product really is. I myself took a good stab at it and trashed the iPad with my list of 17 reasons why the iPad sucks.

After torching the iPad, I wanted to come up with an article praising it and showing what a great device it will be. The reality is that it is much harder for me to find compelling reasons to buy the iPad than it is to not buy one. So I forced myself and came up with these reasons to buy an iPad.

  • It’s cool. You know it! having anything branded Apple is cool
  • It’s going to kick ass as an eReader (that’s at least what everyone thinks)
  • The gaming experience will be awesome
  • It comes with 140,000+ applications
  • The big screen equipped with multitouch. Like the iPhone, but better because it’s bigger!
  • The battery life is (supposedly) great
  • It’s carrier unlocked. You can potentially use it on any network
  • There is no contract for the 3G plan (at least here in the US)
  • 3G plan is actually cheap
  • External keyboard support
  • It will soon be jailbroken
  • Priced at $499, it gives you 499 reasons to buy an iPad

That’s everything I can come up with. If you’re not an iPad hater, I’d like to hear your reasons why you’d want to buy an iPad. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.