Your iPhone Can Hurt You!

iphone killYou use your iPhone everyday for pretty much anything. You use it to check your emails, make phone calls, send text messages and even play video games. If you’re like me, you probably consider your iPhone as your best friend gadget.

Well, I’ve got news for you. Your iPhone is not your friend! Your iPhone might actually cause you some severe injuries. You don’t believe me? Check out this NY Times article (spotted via TUAW) that states that over 1,000 people found themselves in emergency rooms in 2008 because they were distracted while walking.

Examples of such visits include a 16-year-old boy who walked into a telephone pole while texting and suffered a concussion; a 28-year-old man who tripped and fractured a finger on the hand gripping his cellphone; and a 68-year-old man who fell off the porch while talking on a cellphone, spraining a thumb and an ankle and causing dizziness.

That’s pretty funny if you ask me, but for the purpose of this article, I will pretend it’s an important matter…

Of course, this applies to any phone user but iPhone owners are more likely to be diverted by one of the thousands of engaging applications available.

Personally, I don’t use my iPhone while walking in the street. I’ll occasionally look at an incoming SMS but I don’t do any gaming, web browsing, or emailing while walking. Same applies with driving.

I’m currently in Bali and it’s crazy here to see the kids texting while driving their scooters on overcrowded roads. These kids sure know how to multitask…

Have you ever had any accident while playing or using your iPhone? If you have any story, please share it with us in the comments.