AT&T on the iPhone Doesn’t Sound That Bad Anymore

I was with T-Mobile before getting an iPhone and I was very satisfied. I’ve never really complained about AT&T. The only problem I have with them is the cost of the service.

I pay roughly $80/month including $30/month for unlimited data. Until now I was really pissed about the $30 which I thought were a complete rip off.

Things have changed since I started traveling overseas… Here in Australia, I pay $50 for 250 minutes of communication and 500MB of data with Optus, and that is where it hurts.

3G in Australia sucks! Internet in general sucks in Australia but 3G is worth than you might even expect. First it is not cheap, but I’m ok with it. It’s pre-paid so I don’t expect a cheap price. What I’m really disappointed in is the slow 3G network. I feel like I’m back on Edge.

I was able to try it in several places in Eastern Australia, including larger cities like Brisbane and Sydney, but no matter where I am, it still is painfully slow.

Yesterday night, as I was refreshing my email inbox, I started feeling nostalgic of the good old AT&T network. Sure I had a few dropped calls here and there but the 3G coverage is pretty good and most importantly, it is pretty fast.

I miss you AT&T! I miss how fast you can update Twitter. I miss how quickly you load my news feed on Facebook. I miss how fast you download email attachments. Most importantly, I miss the safety of unlimited data download and upload.