The iPhone is Your Best Travel Companion

My fiancée and I are currently in Sydney, Australia, and even 10,000 miles away from home, my iPhone is still saving the day.

We’re staying in the Potts Point neighborhood and of course the first thing we wanted to do was checking out the Sydney Opera House.

The question that quickly came up was “how to get there from our hotel?”. Tina got the reaction that most people would have: she looked at a map and tried figuring out where we were and how to get to the Opera House.

While she was busy looking at our Lonely Planet guide, I grabbed my iPhone, launched the Map app, dropped a pin where the Opera House is located and asked for directions from our current location (our hotel) to there.

Tina was still busy turning the pages that I had step by step directions with a map, estimated distance and time. That my friend is why I got an iPhone.

Of course we could easily get around without an iPhone but why work hard when you can work smart?