Dev Team Says: Beware of the Fakes

iphone security warning

The Dev Team just posted some type of warning on their blog to alert you of phony websites pretending to help you jailbreak or unlock your iPhone. Besides messing up your iPhone, you might also be at risk of infecting your computer with viruses.

One very recent example is a certain yellowsn0w221 page on  Do not download anything from that page if you’re on a PC, else you’ll be infected with a virus.  The page talks and talks about a supposed Firmware 2.2.1 yellowsn0w exploit, but it’s all a ruse to get you to download and infect your PC.

We’re used to (though still aren’t happy about) less predatory websites, like  That site (1) is not us. We don’t consult with them in any way (2) makes money from their Google hits (they’re usually near the top) (3) sometimes gives very very bad advice (like tweeting yellowsn0w users to use QuickPwn on 3.0 betas.  Bad suggestion).  (4)  also owns, another money making website.

One way of avoiding any problem is to look out for sites and blogs that give “Dev Team-related” news that you don’t see on their blog or on iPhone Download Blog first. If you have any interest in this matter, I suggest you read the full post over at the Dev Team blog.