Speck Tough Skin Rugged Rubber Case Review

Like all iPhone owners, I want to protect my investment. But like most iPhone owners, I’m going to go thru a few cases before I land the right one. In this journey of trial and error I have purchased a few iPhone cases and returned a few as well. In doing so I have kept a few for different purposes or environments. I have one for the business casual affairs, while I have another for the in-pocket tote. But I have an outdoorsy one that I like for its extra protection (or sense of protection) that it provides while out in the rough. I go on campouts and hikes a few times a year and I love to take my iPhone with me (mainly for its GPS mapping ability).

There is no way that I’m going to trust just any case out in the woods, that is why I purchased and kept the Tough Skin Rugged Rubber Case by Speck. This bad boy not only protects your iPhone, but gives it a rugged outdoor look. I am glad that it doesn’t come in camouflage though because if it was dropped on the ground it would easily blend in, making it difficult to find through the natures grassy floor.

The rubber case that envelopes the iPhone attaches to the separate belt clip in a position that is very snug yet easily removed for quick access for phone calls to the rescue team. The belt clip you will notice has 4 point corner positioner holders with added side clamp-like holders for the sides. The one thing that I thought stood out, is that there is an additional clamp for the base of the phone which can double as a dust repellent due to the manner in which it covers the docking slot of our sexy device. The belt clip actually rotates a full 360 degrees so that you can place it into any desired position.

As I mentioned the rubber case covers the iPhone in a masterful manner, leaving a small opening for the camera lens to capture the great outdoors. The backing of the case has a very thick feel to it, almost as if holding a small rubber tire made for four-wheeling! The nicely designed tread adds grip all around the back, directly into the sides of the phone as well. The home button is covered and protected as well as its base area in full rubber. While the base of the iPhone is protected, this bottom piece of the case flips open to permit the phone to be charged or place on most docking stations for your listening enjoyment. While an opening is bare for the headphones jack, there is also further protection for the power and volume controls.

Each and every control on your iPhone will be accessible and protected while you enjoy your time outside. You can purchase the Tough Skin Rubber Case straight from our store for $34.95. So if you are one that is everywhere including outdoors, you will consider suiting up your iPhone appropriately.