New iPhone Rumors – Give Me A Break

There have been more than enough rumors about what the new iPhone will have. I say, give me a break. Although we don’t have an inside source telling us, think about it. Now, see our reasoning below:

  • Lit Up Apple Logo On The Back

Seriously? First of all, this would look horrible. It would be bumping out, making it look bad. On top of that it would kill battery life. And think about it, a ton of users use a case for their iPhone. A lit-up Apple logo would be useless for them. Don’t see my point? OK, here’s a mock-up by us:


That is how odd it would look. Plus, an apple that small would not make a difference. But it would kill you battery life.

  • Discontinuation of the metal band surrounding the edge of the device

Again, I think this is very unlikely. So far, the two latest models have had this. Though I’m not saying it is completely fake, it is unlikely. Maybe Apple will bring the plastic black / white front to the edge as well.

  • Rubber-tread backing

Unlikely! Apple has kept on going with the metal back for the iTouches and has only changed the iPhone to plastic back. Considering most other phones are plastic, this is also unlikely. So far, the only proof is this:


It’s an image MacRumors posted. I dunno… but I have seen fakes before. However, from Apple you never know.

  • Sleeker design


Now a small listing of a few others. Faster speed, internet, and processor are all likely. It is needed and Apple will most likely deliver. Longer battery is also likely. FM transmitter: unlikely! Think about that. Higher resolution camera is likely. Since most smartphones also have this.  Built-in compass also sounds likely.

“Revolutionary combination of the camera, GPS, compass, and Google maps to identify photo and inform about photo locations.” Doubt it!! I think people have things mixed up. I’m sure that they will let the camera take a pic and save the location and information about the compass. But I doubt the iPhone itself will inform you about the location. However, I think that with the data from the picture, when passed to the computer using Google Maps / Earth it will inform about the location.

Turn by turn directions is also likely as it is something heavily asked for. Also, a GPS company (forgot the name, think it was TomTom) posted somewhere they were looking for someone with iPhone coding experience.

This is just me reasoning here. I know some people will not agree, but that some might. But believe me, the rumors will keep on coming as WWDC gets closer. Don’t believe everything you read!!