Complete List of Features in 3.0

So it’s been a few days. We’ve been blogging and testing like mad, but we have not really found much else. We’ve just found a few small tweaks in stuff (we’ll be posting underneath now). Remember this is still a beta, so any juicy undocumented features is likely to be hidden until the release. So here we go:

  • New Safari features in Settings such as AutoFill (remembers passwords and usernames), and Fraud Warning (warns when you are in a fraudulent site).
  • Shake to Shuffle added. Not working great in this beta but it’s there.
  • The Stocks icon has been slightly tweaked. Nothing much really.
  • Maps features that iPhone users got in 2.2.1 have been added for the iPod Touch (such as street view, etc.)
  • Locate Me for the iPod Touch seems improved and more accurate.
  • Push Notification (at least for Mobile Me) is working pretty well.
  • Most 2.x apps appear to work
  • AppStore now installs app from the second page on. You can move the apps to the first page manually though.
  • MobileMe now has a “Locate my Device” option. Still not available on
  • Mail now has “Load Remote Image” option to prevent spam (shout-out to the readers in the comments for clearing that up).
  • Restrictions have been updated and now block “Current Location” and allows setting what content is appropriate.
  • SpotLight is working quite well. A bit laggy once in a while but works pretty well.
  • The AppStore screenshot browsing method has changed a bit.
  • Emoji can still be enabled.
  • The 9 page limit is still there.

That’s a summary of all the stuff we’ve been posting. Screenshot galore here.

Now we mentioned we’ve found a few things tweaked. It was not worth a whole post back then. But we’re adding it here.

  • In landscape Stocks mode you can actually tap and drag a  dot and it will show the balance:
  • Something cool. In Safari now the bottom bar is semi transparent. So no more interfering with the site you are on!:
  • safari
  • I can’t remember if this was here before. When looking at a contact a “Text Message” and “Share Contact button”.
  • YouTube got mega updated. Account integration:
  • youtube5Comments, ratings, and flag:
  • youtube4More Info button (useful for long descriptions)
  • youtube3Slightly tweaked, with add to playlist feature (requires YouTube account):
  • youtube2And as seen above “Favorites” has been added to the bottom bar.

That’s about it for now. If we find anything (even miner) we’ll add it here.