Speed Tests and Stats on iPhone OS 3.0

I decided to run some tests to see how iPhone 3.0 stood against current 2.2.1. Let me tell you… it’s not looking too good for 3.0!

  • Safari is slightly slower on 3.0 than on 2.2.1
  • Syncing takes longer than on 2.2.1. Keeps saying “Syncing iPod” for a long time. A really long time.
  • Most 2.0 apps work well on 3.0. TTR2 however does not.
  • Loading of App Store is slightly slower on 3.0 than on 2.2.1
  • Loading of individual app description is a bit slower on 3.0 than on 2.2.1
  • App Store crashes. Not a lot but not a bit!
  • I sent an email to my MobileMe account. With Push turned on, on 3.0 it took 8 seconds for it to tell me I had a new email. 2.2.1 did this while fetching in 7 seconds.
  • Although some are buggy, 3D apps seems to have very slightly improved graphics.
  • App Install time on 3.0: about 30 sec ; on 2.2.1: about 17 sec
  • Reboot time: on 3.0: 1 minute; on 2.2.1: 45 sec
  • Emoji can still be enabled at least through Typing Genius.

These are just some random stats we ran. If you want a test run for a specific function, please request it by leaving a comment below. I’m sure these issues will be fixed in the next beta or in the official release. This beta is mainly for devs to get their apps working on 3.0.