Is the iPhone 2G better — and can a cracked version improve that?

Sorry for the long silence: my first iPhone was stolen, and I tried to be a grown-up about it and not have a phone for a short while. Two important life lessons learnt:

1/ I’m an addict — even though I rarely use my phone, not having a cellphone a with a full OS just stresses me out of my mind. I have too much on my mind now, but that is a very concerning aspect of my personality, and you might want to experiment.

2/ In spite of subscribing to all the safety feature, my telephone provider was not helpful at all; I’d love to give details, but their behavior wasn’t even borderline fr. . . — let’s just say the Police officer to whom I had to declare the loss had even more horror stories.

Hopefully my geek brother had a 2G version that he wasn’t using and lent it to me — so I was able to compare the battery life. The difference is unbelievable, especially if you hardly use the phone like me. I literally had it powered-up for a week when I was abroad and de-activated the automatic updates.

Some have tested the 3G iPhone without the 3G connectivity and say the battery is still a drain.  I can’t find the menu to do that though — and I don’t think it would be convenient to neglect the faster connectivity.  Some (present company included) tried to resolve it with other means (a great, useful gift, by the way).  However, I do think it would make sense to have the 3G antenna back on just before calling someone, or just before a download.  When you have a phone conversation in a car and leave a 3G area, you call is not disconnected, so I’m assuming the roaming capability would allow to switch the 3G on during a call. . . All great features that I would love to find on Cydia. 😉