Fewer Bars In More Places: AT&T Downgrading 2G Service

According to Timothy Butler with OFB, AT&T has been shifting transmitters to the weaker 1900 MHz band in some areas. What if you’re one of the unlucky customers? Well, simply get a new phone… that’s pretty much what AT&T is saying…

This shift has resulted in customers past their 30-day return policy, but still with relatively new phones, finding themselves stuck with equipment no longer able to pick up signals properly in previously strong coverage areas, even though the equipment itself is without defect.

Reports suggested the problem started to appear as AT&T ramped up its 3G network in preparation for the iPhone 3G in early 2008. Each AT&T technician OFB talked to concerning this problem offered the same solution: that the customer should purchase new, 3G-enabled equipment at the customer’s own expense.

AT&T reps obviously denied this information but if you’ve been noticing slower data transfers lately while on Edge… don’t look any further. Look at the bright side though; you now have another good reason to get yourself an iPhone 3G!