Monopoloy for iphone? Is it better than the real thing?

Let’s see, in EA’s version of the all time best selling board game, there aren’t hundreds of pieces to clean up, in fact there’s none. There’s also no uncle Jerry pretending to pay for park place, but secretly only slipping in 200$. And forget about someone taking the car, you can be the car anytime you want. Uh yeah, monopoly for the iphone is way better.

For $7.99 you can now take the fun, family favorite with you, wherever you go. It’s the updated Here & Now, World Edition, so if you haven’t played one of the newer versions yet, this is the perfect way to try it.

After downloading, and launching, the app quickly loads to a beautiful, yet simple menu screen. This will stay the theme of the entire game, gorgeous graphics, simple controls. If you’re not hooking up to play with your buddies on wifi, or checking high scores, your gonna hit play game and decide whether to play against the computer, or up to 3 friends in play and pass style.

From here on out it’s smooth sailing. Obviously I’m not going to walk you through monopoly step by step, but this game is a twin in gameplay to it’s card board counter part.

The experience is so pleasant. You shake the iphone to roll the dice, it moves your piece for you, and always asks you if you want to buy the property you land on if it’s available. And if not, it automatically pays out your debts, making game times significantly slower than the board game. My only small complaint in an otherwise flawless execution would be that the roll dice/transaction/menu buttons at the bottom could be a tad bit larger so my chubby fingers don’t have any problems hitting them every time.

But nonetheless tremendous stability and speed coupled with great graphics and animations make this game a for sure keeper to any fans of the genre.

You can pick up and play for a while, leave, and come back and pick up right where you left off. It’s the perfect time killer.

It looks like Electronic Arts has done it again, and has made Monopoly Here & Now, World Edition a great addition to anyone’s exclusive springboard collection.

Download Monopoly on iTunes