Massive Downtime And Related Issues

Alright peeps, the blog is back up after about 20 hours of downtime which was due to a file server issue. No need to say that I am extremely pissed at my hosting company!

This downtime came at the worst time as we were rolling out some new features on the blog that will report to you all new iPhone apps and even better, all apps on sale in the App Store. I know that some of you already noticed the new features as I received a few congratulation emails, which is always very nice!

The server is up and running but I wouldn’t be surprised if we encountered more issues and I apologize in advance for that. I also apologize to our RSS feeds subscribers who may have seen the same posts several times. This is due to me fucking up some stuff while rolling out the new features. This may happen again in the future but I am aware of it and I am doing my best to avoid it.

Sorry for the trouble and thank you for your understanding.

iPhonely yours,