Get Your Tickets With Tiggits!

Is the concert to your favorite musical artist sold out?  Or maybe you HAVE to go to this week’s NFL game but all of the tickets are gone.  Well, a new app called Tiggits [iTunes link] allows to purchase those tickets right on your iPhone.

Just so that there is no misunderstanding, Tiggits is a ticket RESELLER.  That means you are probably not going to get the face value of the ticket.  This service is for those who are willing to pay the extra money for tickets and were either unwilling or unable to stand in line when the tickets initially went on sale.

The best way to find tickets in your area is to do a search.  You can search for a city, venue or performer.  I just typed in Honolulu and chose whether I wanted to see a concert, sporting event, theater event or “other.”  The screenshot posted is the Gloria Estefan concert at the Neal Blaisdell Center next January.  The one thing I immediately noticed is that there are almost no single tickets sold.  They usually come in pairs or larger.  You can also browse the Top 25 events in each category and there is a “Featured” section.

The way you pay for your tickets is with a credit card.  Here’s a screenshot of the billing page:

Look toward the bottom of the page and you will see “Secure Page: SSL-encrypted.”  This is important ANY time you make a credit card purchase over the internet to make sure no one other than the merchant sees your credit card number.  I, personally, cannot vouch for the security of this service as I have not used it.  This review is not an endorsement of the service, but rather an overview of the app.

Tiggits also gives you a coupon code to save 5% on your ticket purchases, which is good incentive to download this app.

Before using this app, make sure you carefully read all the terms and policies.  All sales are final and there is no refunds, exchanges or cancellations.  However, if the event is postponed tickets will be honored for the rescheduled date.

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