Blackberry facing the iPhone heat… again

iphone blackberry

From my previous post many of you may think I am a Blackberry Basher.  To be very frank, I personally have no grudge against it but from recent studies one can’t help but notice that the iPhone is indeed bashing Blackberry. First, the news of the iPhone hammering down Blackberry to gain second position in overall Smartphone market share, and then the iPhone giving Blackberry a run for its money by ranking number 1 in Business Satisfaction. Now the latest news is that even in the area of reliability, the iPhone stands out as the king of the ring.

According to recent research conducted by SquareTrade group, the Blackberry has twice the failure rate of an iPhone. iPhone’s average failure rate is 5.6% as against Research in Motion’s Blackberry which has a malfunction rate of 11.9%. The research was conducted by taking a sample of 15000 phones covered by company’s policies. On spreading the projections over a period of two years the study says, an iPhone user can expect the failure rate to be 9-11%, on the other hand Blackberry user should be looking at a figure of 14.3%.

The iPhone fared well in the department of call quality and battery issues, with only 0.5% of iPhone batteries dying versus an approximate 1% for the rivals. The overall malfunction rate of the iPhone would have been even lower had it not been for touchscreen issues and accidental damage claims. This study clearly shows that the iPhone is proving out to be more than a pain to Blackberry as it’s facing the heat from all corners.