Underestimating the Power of an iPhone/Netbook Combination

It’s all over the web that OLO Computers is going to launch a netbook that allows the iPhone to be inserted into the keyboard to be used as a touch pad. I’ve seen some sites say that it will be iPhone powered and other sites say that the MAC OS on the display is confusing. There are all sorts of doomsday warning point to past integration efforts.  But what if these expectations are making it too complicated? What if they are just creating a netbook that just leverages your iPhone.  I mean that the computer is a Netbook in its own right, but just has a great iPhone docking mechanism that could trigger all sorts of automatic connections between the two.

Things that would be cool would be:

  1. Allow me to automatically tether my netbook to my iPhone so I could use it to wireless connect to the internet anywhere. I can do this now, but what if they made it automatic upon docking?
  2. Use it as a plug and play drive so I can access the data on my iPhone.
  3. Use it sync my iPhone with iTunes.
  4. Use it as a secondary interface. Besides using it as a touch panel, I could have game controls or hot keys or specialty buttons on my iPhone screen that interact with the software on my Netbook.
  5. Use it with all sorts of client apps that allow you to expand the functionality of an iPhone App.  For example, I use a health app to track my workouts, when I dock it, that app is available with visualization features (charting and reporting) and import/export functionality on the Netbook.
Can you think of any other ideas?