Family Guy iPhone Theme and Wallpapers

Last week I posted about the American Dad theme and today I saw in Cydia that there was a Family Guy theme. Family Guy is one of my favorite shows so I decided to give a try to the theme. I downloaded it and when I went to WinterBoard to set it up, I realized that it had also downloaded 3 Family Guy wallpapers.

After setting it up, my iPhone resprung and I had to “slide to unlock” to go to my springboard. The slider is Quagmire’s face and when you slide it, it goes “Giggity giggity giggity giggity”. Haha, funny.

Unfortunately, as usual with these types of themes, the icons are just faces of main characters and they don’t represent anything. I do not use labels under my icons, so they have to be really representative of the application to mean anything to me. Does that make sense?

I played around for a minute and I installed the 3 wallpapers that came with the theme. Although it’s a funny theme, it is not really what I’m looking for so I uninstalled it.

How do you like this theme?