Nightmare Before Christmas theme

Nothing less than 2766 files contained in this 13.9MB download. No wonder why it took over 5 minutes to download this Nightmare Before Christmas theme from Cydia. But what a great theme it is! I mean this iPhone theme has definitely been thought through and designed with the greatest care.

I downloaded and activated the theme in WinterBoard. My iPhone automatically resprung and when I tapped on the screen to “unlock” the iPhone, I was greeted with a “Well, well, well, look who’s here”. I haven’t seen the movie but I’m pretty sure it’s a line from it. Pretty cool, yet pretty scary when you don’t expect it!

A few seconds after installing this theme, I received an email and instead of having the default new email sound, this theme added a music from the movie. At this point, I was still impressed by the quality of the theme and I decided to explore more of the sounds. I sent and received text messages, emails, new voicemails, and for every of these actions, a special music would play. That’s nice but it gets very annoying in the long run. I mean, I really don’t want to hear a 5 second music every time I send or receive a text message…

A cool feature of this theme is that when you open an application, it displays an image while the application is opening. Since firmware 2.1 is pretty laggy, it’s nice to have an image instead of a blank page when trying to launch an application…

A couple hours after installing this theme, I had a quick look at my battery life…. Wow it was half way gone. These cool sounds are nice but they will sure kill you battery.

All in all, it’s a great theme and like I said earlier, every little detail of it was perfectly done. Unfortunately, features like the musics playing every time you do something on the phone not only annoy me, but they also drain my battery. These are 2 deal breakers.