Google Chrome for the iPhone

Google Chrome for iPhone

[digg-me]Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the last 2 months, you probably know that Google launched its own web browser called Google Chrome. It’s very unlikely that Apple will let Google develop Chrome for the iPhone for the good reason that Apple and Google are now competing in the mobile sphere: Apple with the iPhone, and Google with Android. There are many other reasons why Apple would never let Google (or anyone else for that matter) develop a web browser for the iPhone but this one is the most obvious reason.

However, there seems to be hope that Chrome will be developed by independent developers and made available for jailbroken iPhones. That’s at least one may think when looking at this site.

Now, do you want my take on it? I believe this page is misleading and is actually not offering a download of Google Chrome for the iPhone as an application, but I am convinced they are offering the download of a Google Chrome theme for the iPhone.

So yes, you’ll be able to download something Chrome-related for your iPhone but it will not be a web browser. It will simply be a theme that you’ll be able to apply using WinterBoard. That’s what I think but I may be wrong. If so, please feel free to prove my wrong in the comment section.