Web Apps Rock!

A lot of talk has been centered around the App store and Jailbreak Apps but what i find really exciting is the web apps that are being designed and formatted for the iPhone/iTouch. No installation, no jailbreaking, no disk space is necessary.  And with the iPhone’s/iTouch’s ability to store a bookmark on the Home Screen, these apps can appear and be accessed just like any other app.

There are several different ways to locate web apps.  First, Apple has a web page that allows people to register their web apps.  I highly recommend those with RSS readers subscribe to this feed.   Some very cool apps are showing up.  Another cool way of seeing these web apps are using the Web Apps [iTunes Link] application that you can download from the Itunes App Store. It allows you to create a list of favorites and navigate to them easily (if you don’t want to have a direct bookmark icon on your desktop) and lets you see what is out and try out the apps on your iphone.

Some of these apps are just web pages reformatted for you iPhone/iTouch, but some of them really take advantage of the IPhone GUI and technology.   One that caught my eye yesterday is the Dominos Pizza Tracker.  According to the Apple page “The Domino’s Pizza Tracker takes a phone number as input and connects to Domino’s Pizza Tracker XML backend to return information regarding your order, including time of creation, cooking, and delivery status. ”  I haven’t tried it yet, but i think i’ll be having Pizza tonight!