Have you seen me before?

Hi everyone reading this blog. My name is Daniel Grini Brenden and i live in Norway. The blog owner, Sebastien was kind enough to let me inside his blog. I’ll start by introducing myself in this post. If you’ve ever seen the aliases SpecialForce, SpecialStyrke then you have probably crossed my path. It would be fun to hav a comment or two if it has happend. I’m also availbale at http://digg.com/users/SpecialStyrke for those of you that share some of my computer passion. For now i have an iPhone 2G running firmware 2.1 with a little help from QuickPwn. if any novices need help with that i’m availbale, just write to me in the comments.

When it comes to why i want to write here is a good question. It’s a very good way to let future job hirers see that i can manage writing well as i am for now only 15 and wish to educate myself in to an Internet, communications and technology administrator. So i have much time left before i achieve my goal. Anyways i”ll try to guide both novice and advanced users into the dangerous iphone hacking jungle in no time so you wont need to find news yourself.

Stay Tuned Everyone!

Signed Daniel Brenden