CopierciN brings copy/paste to the iPhone. Kinda!

Yes, I know, you’ve heard it before… I also know you’ve really wanted that copy/paste feature on your iPhone since June 29th, 2007. After all, even the crappiest Treo can do it; why the iPhone couldn’t?

It seems that we’re kinda getting there with CopierciN.

CopierciN is a basic text editor which, hopefully, bring some kind of copy/paste mechanism to iPhone (to jailbroken ones only, unfortunately). It does not add copy/paste functionality directly to other applications but it provides a mechanism to import text from and export text to SMS, Notes, Mail applications (more to come in the future) and files in the filesystem.

CopierciN only works for jailbroken iPhone 2.0.2. Is is not very stable and only works for Notes, SMS, and emails so far but the developer (who’s actually developing this application to learn Objective C !) says he wants to port it to Safari as well, which to me is where the great value of this app would be.

If you’re still on 2.0.2, go to Cydia (under BigBoss repository, in Utilities section) and try it out and tell us what you think.