Disapointed by Engadget

From the iPhone DevTeam blog:

While criticism and competition is fine it should be reported correctly, with all the facts. and certainly minus the FUD. Do you guys think we are “less and less relevant with each passing day” ? We don’t think so, and we certainly prefer our hacks to theirs. 😉  Though even if the world deems us irrelevant, the iPhone family of devices is still fun to hack!

Unlike Engadget, I think the DevTeam is more and more relevant! Come on people, do you really want to be a prisoner of Apple? You’re already are in some ways since you have to battle at every firmware update to keep your iPhone jailbroken. People talk shit about MicroSoft but at least if you have a device that runs on Windows Mobile, you don’t have to “hack” your phone to add 3rd party applications.

That is the way Apple does business. Steve Jobs, whom I hate with passion, just wants to lock you in his products. Screw that! I don’t want to rely on you Mr Hypocrite! Truth is I have more jailbroken applications on my iPhone than I have App Store approved apps.

If you’re reading my blog, you’re most likely into jailbreaking your phone so please, go to Engadget and take their poll and leave a nasty comment.