iPod Touch 2.1 Jailbreak Update

I posted this morning about a new shady way to jailbreak your 2.1 iPod Touch. It seems many people are having issues with this method and the guy who first posted about this jailbreak technique posted a new way to do it through a GUI version of QuickPwn.

It is still very very shady and we still haven’t heard from the DevTeam about that so again, if I were you, I would NOT attempt to jailbreak my iPod Touch 2.1 for the time being.

From QuickPwn guy:

Firstly, big thanks to poorlad, planetbeing, and TheDevTeam for providing the QuickPWN app. Credit also goes to Morphey, Zombiekiller, jfb392 for making this GUI jailbreak possible.

In my previous post I posted a jailbreak which required a lot of work. This jailbreak for iPod Touch 2.1 is completely GUI based. Just run QuickPWN.exe after uncompressing the zip file and follow the on-screen instructions. It couldn’t get any simpler than this! 🙂

Download the GUI jailbreak by using any of the download links below:

Download iPod Touch 2.1 Jailbreak GUI
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

That’s it for hte instruction from this guy. In the comments of his post, I found a tutorial from someone who supposedly successfully jailbroke his iPod Touch 2.1 using this method:

This is the set of instructions that actually do work on the IPOD:
1. RESTORE to 2.1, don’t upgrade, it could mess the process up…

2. Download the link below (Its QuickPwn, with jfb392’s bundles)


(All Credit goes to jfb392 for the bundle)

3. Once downloaded, extract the .zip files with a Archiver, you can use any. If you dont have one, search for WinRAR, and install it.

*. Before you do anything to the actual iPod, and if its jailbroken, go to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework. Make a copy of the MobileInstallation file in there, on your desktop or something

4. Run QuickPwn. Pick iPod Touch. Then when it asks you to browse for the IPSW (iPod Software) file, pick the 2.1 Firmware file, and then go next.

5. Go through the steps in the Terminal. It sounds hard, but the steps are really really easy.

6. Once the QuickPwn Terminal process is done, the Pineapple, and then Spinning wheel should be up for a while, and it should reboot… dont worry its fine.

7. Now that the iPod is back to the home screen, CYDIA and INSTALLER ARENT THERE!!! OMG!!! Good! That how it should be.

8. If you didnt get the MobileInstallation from before, you have to go googling for it, i am not going to post it…

9. Now you have to download Total Commande, or any other file browser that works with the iPod through USB… Here a link of Total Commander, and the t-pot plugin for Total Commander to let you browse around the iPod. Installation for the plugin is in the second link.



11. Now on Total Commander or whatever you have, connect to the iPod and go to /System/Library/PrivateFrameWorks/MobileInstallation.framework

12. Now that your in there, make a backup of the MobileInstallation thats in your 2.1 iPod now somewhere where you can get to later, and after you get that done, get the MobileInstallation from 2.0.1 and drag it to the iPod and overwrite.


In Total Commander, you have to drag the file from one side to another in Total Commander. So on the left, navigate to the spot where you have your MobileInstallation in, and on the left, navigate to the spot where it goes.

13. Now REBOOT your iPod… and Turn it back on…

14. Hurrah! You know have Cydia and Installer on there…

I am assuming that since the mobileinstallation file needs to be “fixed” on the ipod 2.1, that it probably needs to be “fixed” somewhere in the procedure on the iphone…

Again, I recomment NOT using this method. Can’t you wait a few days to jailbreak your iPod Touch?