Zibri not rushing to release new ZiPhone

On a post on his blog today, Zibri, the creator of ZiPhone, said he was not rushing to release a new version of the iPhone that would allow you to jailbreak and maybe unlock your iPhone or iPod Touch. Zibri didn’t say he would release a new version of ZiPhone for sure.

Ziphone is my all time favorite application for jailbreaking the iPhone. I’ve always found it super easy to use. Even though the Pwning tools such as WinPwn and QuickPwn are stupid simple to use, my heart still goes to ZiPhone.

From Zibri’s blog:

At the moment I’m testing and tweaking what could be the next ZiPhone version.

As it happened the first time, I’m not rushing and as it already happened in february I’m not even sure I will release it.

Zibri also said he found a pretty big bug in the iPhone and he’s not sure what he wants to do with it:

I just found something that can crash any iphone/ipod and exploitability is being investigated. This vulnerability anyhow affects all models and firmwares. I can’t tell you more about this.

Since this bug is VERY serious I have yet to decide what to do with it. If Apple is interested I think they know my email address. If they are not… well they will know sooner or later.

Looks like someone is looking for a job at Apple? Haha. Keep rockin’ Zibster!