150 beta update to the Windows QuickPwn application is out

After announcing the release of the new PwnageTool 2.0.3 for Mac OS X, the DevTeam spoiled us today with a new beta update to the Windows QuickPwn application.

DevTeam says:

This contains a revised GUI from Poorlad that has tighter integration into the the main updated QuickPwn executable which has fixes for YouTube and  provides BootNeuter support for the unlock of 2G iPhones, remember this is still beta software, use at your own risk.

A “Nota Bene” from the DevTeam:

NB: QuickPwn Windows doesn’t work well with virtualization as there are some problems with the way USB resets are handled, so we wouldn’t advise trying it, we have had reports of some success with VMWare Fusion 2.0 Beta 2, but this shouldn’t be relied on, use PwnageTool instead, or wait for QuickPwn Mac.

Additionally, the DevTeam says that QuickPwn for Mac is currently being tested and we might see a beta release sometimes within the next few days. I’ll keep you updated about that.

Also worth noting is that they are still working on a 3G baseband unlock solution but they are not there quite yet.