Quick Pwn Beta

The DevTeam just realeased a VERY beta version of an application called Quick Pwn. This application will pawn your phone pretty quickly without having to restore. If you’re already on a 2.0.2 pawned device, you don’t need to do this. Actually, since it’s still in Beta and quite unstable, it is only recommended to “experienced” users… This version is only compatible with Windows so far but the Team should develop a Mac version soon.

  1. Download Quick Pwn and extract it to a folder.
  2. Download the proper firmware image such as 2.0.1 3g or 2.0.1 2g.
  3. Start iTunes and make sure your phone is recognized by it. Leave iTunes running but don’t touch it again. While the command  prompt will say “kill all itunes processes”, you must ignore this step.
  4. Plug your phone up to your PC and double click either  “iPhone 2G.bat”, “iPod touch.bat”, or “iPhone 3g.bat” depending on which device you have.
  5. Some crazy codes will show on your screen.
  6. Per the instructions on the screen, turn off your phone by holding power, sliding to power off, and waiting for it to power off. Do not take the phone off the PC connection or else you will have to start over.
  7. Get your phone into DFU mode. This can be quite tricky and you may have to try several times. I usually get it right the first time. If you’re not sure how to do this, either YouTube it or check this out.
  8. Press ENTER when you are in DFU mode. Then ignore the directions on the screen until it recognizes your phone is in DFU mode.
  9. Optional step for 2g phone only. If you need to unlock your phone, install bootneuter from Cydia and run it! Select “neuter, unlock, do not change bootloader settings, and then flash!”.


  1. You see this: Is your device connected to your computer via USB? Type “Y” to continue.
    Is your iPhone currently powering on? Type “Y” to continue.
    If you see these questions it means that your phone is not being recognized by the PC. Remember you must have iTunes running and it must see your device. Close and reopen iTunes, disconnect and reconnect your device, or even reboot your PC.

Thanks Boss