Leaked iPhone rumors leaked

Have we had enough of all these iPhone rumors? In 2 days, we heard about 10 different rumors, including, new iPhone touchscreen, software leaks, and of course, the leaked pictures of the 3G iPhone. I haven’t reported the latter because I am tired of wasting my time on such bs.

I am a conspiracy theorist and I do think that 90% of these “leaked rumors” are actually made up by tech websites and blogs themselves to create buzz, or simply for link baiting.

Have you noticed how it’s always a “trustworthy source”, or an “insider source” that brings the breaking news? I understand that tech blogs want to get traffic (who doesn’t?) but the problem is that if we can’t even trust our favorite information resources, who can we trust?

The big difference between a blog and an actual news info resource such as the NY Times is that the newspaper has to verify its sources. The blog doesn’t! The blog can pretty much say anything they want because they are not tied to the journalistic ethic.

I feel kinda cheated on by tech blogs. They are pretty much saying “let’s post lies on our blog about the new iPhone, these stupids will come. They always do!”

Reality is none of these made up rumors will happen to be true. Oh, yes, the rumor that said the iPhone will have 3G and GPS is most likely true…. But any other rumor about the shape, colors, special features, etc.. is just pure speculation or dream.

Never in the past an Apple product has been leaked. Why? Simply because Apple has its partners sign the gnarliest NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) that make it pretty expensive for them to make it up to Apple should they leak any information.

Rumors won’t last long since we’ll know all about the new iPhone on Monday.