Let’s Talk iOS

Let’s Talk iOS 219: Always read past the headline

Your two favorite co-hosts talk about Apple’s deliberate throttling of iPhones with degraded battery health, as well as the new rumor that Apple may make it possible for developers to release universal apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Finally, Cody and Sebastien share their favorite stuff of the year.

Let’s Talk iOS 217: It did happen

Cody is not very happy with the way iOS handles sound control. Sebastien talks about the iDB app update and the inconsistencies of the app approval process in the App Store. They both talk about the best App Store apps of 2017, as per Apple… Then Sebastien confides about his latest addiction. But everything is fine because Jony is back in the studio.

Let’s Talk iOS 216: A random thing to talk about

Oh boy, was that a bad week for Apple. Last time it was so bad, Scott Forstall was still working for the company. Like with most bad stories, there is a silver lining, albeit very minor. On a more positive note, HQ is fun (add “senastienpage” as your referral code in the app – yes, it’s totally misspelled!), wireless charging is awesome, and maybe you can help Cody find the right app to wake up in the morning.

Let’s Talk iOS 215: Keeping tabs on my tabs

Cody can’t help but talk about Black Friday, because deals. Sebastien goes over the benefits of using 1Password over iCloud Keychain. They both talk about following the news via RSS vs Twitter. Finally, Cody has a new game him and 280,000 other people like to play.

Let’s Talk iOS 211: There is no bright side

The pre-orders are in, or almost in, for Cody and Sebastien. The pair shares their very different experiences pre-ordering, as well as accessories they’re considering for their upcoming new iPhone X. Apologies for the poor sound quality. Things will return to normal next week.