Samsung said to be porting several of its device companion apps to iOS

By Cody Lee on Jan 25, 2016

Samsung is preparing to port several of its applications to iOS, reports SamMobile. The site says it has received information from trusted insiders that the South Korean company plans to bring “most of its apps (if not all)” to Apple’s mobile platform.

Of course, Samsung already has a handful of apps in the App Store, and the tech giant confirmed at CES that it will be adding iPhone support for the Gear S2 later this year. But today’s report says S Health, Gear Fit Manager and others are on the way. Read More


5 Notification Center widgets I use every day

By Anthony Bouchard on Jan 25, 2016

When it comes to my own personal iPhone, many of the apps I use on a daily basis have Notification Center widgets that provide information to and even have shortcuts to different actions right from inside of Notification Center.

Apple originally introduced the ability for third-party app developers to create Notification Center widgets with iOS 8, so long as they follow strict guidelines, but that doesn’t keep them from being useful.

In this roundup, I’ll share my five favorite Notification Center widgets that I use on a daily basis and why I like them. Read More


Browse viral memes and see posts that are blowing up on Vine’s new Trends page

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 23, 2016

Yesterday, Vine celebrated its third anniversary and launched a dedicated Trends webpage which collects all the clips that have gone viral on the service in one central place. Users can check out the original video that started the trend, see related Vines and select a growing trend.

In addition, they have collected 2015’s most entertaining Vines, remixes and collaborations at the website, including stuff like the most-looped Vine of Year 3 and posts that sparked some of the biggest trends of the year, such as What are Those?, Why You Always Lying? and Duck Army. Read More


Hyperspektiv, ZCast, Rogue Agent, and more apps to check out this weekend

By Lory Gil on Jan 23, 2016

This past week may have been slow for the news cycle, but it didn’t stop us from pumping out some useful information, like how to watch live TV on Apple TV, how to remove iOS configuration profiles, and how to open a new private window in Safari.

If you’ve had your fill of learning new things about your iPhone and are looking for some fun content to download, check out our list of apps and games this weekend. Read More


Facebook rolling out new 3D Touch features in its mobile app

By Cody Lee on Jan 21, 2016

Facebook on Thursday began rolling out new 3D Touch features to iPhone 6s users via its mobile app. The Verge reports that the additions include the ability to peek and pop things like web links, profiles, pages, groups, events and photos.

The Facebook app has supported 3D Touch since October, but until now it has mostly been about the Quick Actions—the shortcut menu for Home screen icons. Facebook has added a new one of these as well, which takes you to your Timeline.  Read More


Duet Display, Things and other great productivity apps are 50% off right now

By Cody Lee on Jan 21, 2016

Folks in the market for a good productivity app will want to head over to the App Store as soon as possible. Apple kicked off a new “Get Productive” promotion on Thursday that takes 50% off some of the most popular titles in the category.

Among the apps included in the sale are Duet Display, which allows you to use an iPhone or iPad as an extra display, the highly respected PCalc calculator, Readdle’s PDF Expert 5, and the celebrated task, reminder and to-do list app Clear. Read More


MarcoPolo Ocean goes free as Apple’s App of the Week

By Cody Lee on Jan 21, 2016

Apple on Thursday updated its App of the Week promotion in iTunes, and this week’s selection is MarcoPolo Ocean. This means that the game, which is highly rated in the kids-education-puzzler category, is going to be free from now through next Thursday—a handsome savings of $3.

The concept of MarcoPolo Ocean is pretty simple. It’s a digital sandbox of sorts, where kids are encouraged to do things like explore the deep sea, build a coral reef, and much more. Plus, its animations and playful narration help reinforce vocabulary, ocean concepts and other attributes. Read More


Exploding Kittens comes to iOS, local multiplayer only

By Lory Gil on Jan 21, 2016

You may recall that, one year ago, an independent game maker made the news by breaking the record for being the most funded campaign on Kickstarter. That game was Exploding Kittens.

Today, the company has launched an iOS version of Exploding Kittens so you can play with friends in the same room as you, without being tethered to the Internet. There is one caveat, though. You can only play with friends when they are in the same room. Read More


Microsoft updates Office for iOS with 3D Touch features, Apple Pencil support and more

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 21, 2016

Microsoft today rolled out updates to its mobile Office suite in the App Store: Word, ExcelPowerPoint and OneNote. Across the board these apps have gained support for 3D Touch shortcuts on the iPhone 6s/Plus.

In addition, the new ‘Annotate with Ink’ feature puts a set of cool tools on the new Draw tab for drawing, writing and highlighting things using touch, pen or Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. Read More


ZCast for iPhone makes live podcasting with real-time feedback a reality

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 21, 2016

Billed as a new way to create audio podcasts, Zcast by Zula (which was co-founded by Jeff Pulver in 2013) is a sweet new application which allows anyone to produce a high-quality, multi-member podcast on their iPhone without prior technical knowledge.

The app’s key advantage over other podcasting solutions is its ability to invite guest co-hosts, take comments and answer questions in real-time.

In taking the pain out of podcasting, Zcast could persuade people who don’t normally run a podcast show of their own to start one in a few minutes, no special setup needed, because that’s how easy to use and approachable this app is.

Having spent a few months in closed beta, ZCast is now available to everyone completely free of charge. Read More


Facebook launches sports section

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 21, 2016

Yesterday, Facebook announced a brand new section on the service dedicated to sports fans and it gets its first big test during this weekend’s NFL playoffs.

The Facebook Sports Stadium, as they’re calling it because Facebook is “the world’s largest stadium,” is basically a dedicated place to experience sports in real-time with your friends and the world.

It brings all your game-related content on Facebook in one place, sorted chronologically and updated in real-time, including posts from your friends and their comments on plays, play-by-play information like where to find the game on TV, curated posts and commentary from experts, such as teams, leagues and journalists, and much more. Read More


LONEWOLF review: become a paid assassin with a secret mission

By Lory Gil on Jan 21, 2016

I love sniper games. One of my biggest complaints with first-person shooters like Call of Duty is that you rarely get the chance to simply hide in the bushes and shoot people at your leisure.

With LONEWOLF, it is all sniping and very little return fire. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t an intense game with plenty of action. Check out my game review of LONEWOLF for more information. Read More


GarageBand 2.1 updated for iPad Pro, adds 3D Touch support for iPhone 6s

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 20, 2016

Rejoice, iPad Pro users; GarageBand has finally been updated to accommodate the additional real estate provided by the iPad Pro’s massive 12.9″ screen. Not only that, but the release also adds support for 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s.

All in all, the “2.1” isn’t really indicative as to how big of a release this is. Have a look at the full change log for a glance into how much effort was put into this latest update. Read More


Apple releases Music Memos for iPhone, an app that lets musicians capture songs ideas

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 20, 2016

Apple today announced the release of a brand new iPhone and iPod touch application aimed at musicians and songwriters: Music Memos. As its name suggests, Music Memos was designed to “make it easy for people to tap into their musical potential and create incredible music no matter where they are.”

With Music Memos, musicians and songwriters can capture, organize and develop their musical ideas on their iPhone. Read More


iMovie for Mac updated with fix for YouTube bug and other improvements

By Cody Lee on Jan 19, 2016

In addition to iOS 9.2.1 and OS X 10.11.3, Apple also seeded an update for iMovie today. The release brings the popular movie editing software to version 10.1.1, and it includes a number of improvements and bug fixes that are sure to appease users.

Among the bugs fixed are a known issue with YouTube sharing that caused problems for users with multiple accounts, a problem that prevented white balance adjustments from being applied to clips, and one that caused incorrect display of still images. Read More


Undead Clicker! is an idle RPG that works while you are away

By Lory Gil on Jan 19, 2016

If you enjoy role-playing games as much as I do, you probably also know how difficult it can be to find time to play them. The good ones will suck you in for hours. Even the mediocre ones will keep you busy for longer than you’d expect.

Undead Clicker! is an RPG that you don’t even have to lift a finger to play. Although, lifting and tapping that finger will help you earn more loot and hire more heroes to help you defeat that dangerous dragon boss. Read More


Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard is coming to iOS

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 18, 2016

Windows giant Microsoft is porting its excellent predictive text keyboard for Windows Phone, dubbed Word Flow, over to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

In an email to some Windows Insider testers, obtained by The Verge’s Tom Warren, Microsoft invited iPhone users to participate in a trial of the Word Flow keyboard for iOS.

On Windows Phone, the Word Flow keyboard includes a number of advanced features such as autocorrect, suggestions, gestures, multi-language support, emoticons, the ability to swipe letters like in Swype’s keyboard, and more. Read More


WhatsApp to stop charging annual subscription fee in coming weeks

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 18, 2016

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned mobile messaging service, announced on Monday that it’s going to stop charging customers a subscription fee of 99 cents per year. The service is currently provided at no cost during its free year, after which customers are being charged 99 cents per year to continue using the service.

Over the course of coming weeks, everyone will be able to download and use WhatsApp on their device totally free of charge and without a subscription fee. Read More


PDF to Word: convert PDF files to Word files on iOS

By Anthony Bouchard on Jan 18, 2016

If you deal regularly with PDF files, and often use word processors such as Microsoft Word to edit your text documents, then an app called PDF to Word from the App Store could easily become your new best friend.

This app lets you easily convert PDF files to Word files (DOCX) so that you can edit them in Microsoft Word for iOS or on Microsoft Word on your computer. In this tutorial, we’ll go through the process of using the app and show you just how easy this process can be. Read More


Rust Bucket review: a pig-tastic roguelike puzzler

By Lory Gil on Jan 18, 2016

For the most part, I try to steer clear of free-to-play games. Sometimes, they turn out to be worth my time, but a lot of them are an obvious money grab that I don’t appreciate.

So, when Rust Bucket came into my sights, it didn’t make a good first impression. However, after having spent some time in the pork belly of this underworld (it’s a pun you will understand later in this review), I’ve got a different impression, to say the least. Checkout my game review of Rust Bucket below. Read More