AirDroid, the popular cross-platform file transfer app, is now available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as a free download from App Store. The iOS 9 or later app launched last week.

An alternative to Apple’s AirDrop feature, AirDroid makes it easy to share files between nearby or faraway devices. Using peer-to-peer networking for nearby devices, the app falls back to Bluetooth when there’s no cellular or Wi-Fi network.

If Wi-Fi is enabled on nearby devices, AirDroid establishes a Wi-Fi Direct connection between them with transfer speeds up to 20MB/s.

A lighter version of its Android counterpart, the iOS edition of AirDroid includes signature features such as File Transfer and Nearby for transferring files freely across screens and operating systems, as well as the Hotspot and Add Friends capabilities for sending files to others without a LAN or mobile data cost.

The app works across different devices, tablets and computers powered by iOS, macOS, Android or Windows. And thanks to the official AirDroid web app, users can manage all their files from a web browser on any device.

AirDroid is available at no charge from App Store with non-compulsory premium upgrades to unlock additional features. The desktop AirDroid apps for macOS and other platforms are available to download from the official website.

  • Galaxy Life

    I stopped using it years ago. These kinds of apps seem pointless now.

    • Pokie Peaches

      I agree with you. i rather send the file over whatsapp

  • Loved it on Android.

  • diggitydang

    Can it transfer photos at full resolution? If not, can anyone suggest an app that does transfer photos at full resolution, cross-platform and preferably free? I’d rather not use a cloud app. A simple transfer to/from Android to iPhone Photos would be ideal. I’ve been using PhotoTransfer, but it only does 5 at a time on Android (I think I paid to unlock it on iPhone) and my Droid friends complain when I ask them to just pay for the app in the Play Store. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

    • Hans

      Weafo Pro. I think it´s free for now, and doesn´t need to be installed on your friends phone, since they´ll use the Chrome browser to get/send the files.

  • M_Hawke

    I’ve been using Sendanywhere for iPhone to Win PC. I’ll have to try this to compare.

  • iByron

    What does this do that Pushbullet or WhatsApp doesn’t do?