Apple announced a totally new Siri-based watch face for Apple Watch at the WWDC 2017 keynote along with two other new sets of watch faces.

The new Siri watch face is intended to provide automatic information tailored to how you use your Apple Watch with the apps installed on it.

As things come up throughout your day, the Siri watch face updates automatically with information related to your apps and your activities.

It uses information like Frequent Locations and upcoming events in your Calendar or Reminders apps to provide you with an always-changing experience that updates in real-time.

Apple also introduced a new kaleidoscope watch face, which moves as the time changes, which is a great esthetic effect for those who like seeing movement on their watch face.

In addition to the kaleidoscope watch face, Apple announced new Toy Story-themed watch faces that join the existing Mickey Mouse watch faces, which take advantage of three characters from the popular Pixar movies: Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Jessie.

These new watch faces will all come included in the watchOS 4 update, which will be a free upgrade for all Apple Watch users later this year. A public preview will be available to developers and beta testers later today as the WWDC 2017 event concludes.

Are you excited for any of the new Apple Watch faces? Share in the comments section below!

  • Young God

    Why dont they just start w/ ios since thats all most ppl care about

  • Joey Pants

    Still no square watch faces, huh?

  • While the SIRI watch face is certainly cool and something I hope to try out myself, I’m sad to see that they still can’t get some sort of traditional watch face like what comes with the Hermés.

    Is it too much to wish for a nice minimal watch face with numbers around the edges? And for the poor people that buy Hermés if they ever dare to try and save money by keeping their bands and buying a normal stainless steel watch they loose the special faces. I wonder if that was made known to them when they spent all that money or if these kinds of people are so rich they just don’t care (but I find that hard to believe)?

  • Jaimee Allen

    3 new Faces? That’s it? Not impressed. I was really hoping they were going to finally open up watch faces to 3rd party devs. Two of the three they showed look ridiculous, only the Siri face looks somewhat interesting. Just what I always wanted, a Toy Story watch. WTF. Mediocre as usual from apple just like everything else they announced today.

  • Ivan Luchezarov

    I cant install it on my apple watch as a developer is it comparable with all models?