Apple on Monday released iOS 10.3.2, watchOS 3.2.2, tvOS 10.2.1, and macOS Sierra 10.12.5 to the public. The updates feature various security patches, bug fixes and performance improvements, and come after more than a month of beta testing.

As you can see in the screenshot above, iOS 10.3.2 includes bug fixes and improves the security for iPhone and iPad. We know from beta release notes that it also features a small fix for SiriKit, meaning in-car commands should now work as intended.

There have been no major changes or features spotted in tvOS 10.2.1 or watchOS 3.2.2 either. However, Apple says that macOS Sierra 10.12.5 fixes an audio issue with USB headphones, enhances Mac App Store compatibility, and adds support for media-free installation of Windows 10 Creators Update using Boot Camp.

These will probably be the last public updates released before we get a preview of the next major versions of each platform at WWDC next month. The software can be installed either via the OTA mechanism, or directly from our Downloads page.

  • dnice

    if i remember correctly this is what pangu was waiting for.

    • Cones1r

      Please let that mean something good in the works!!!

    • redsymphony

      i hope so lol tired of my iphone 7 being in jail!!

      • Sonny

        Same here lol

  • Agneev

    Should I update or stay in iOS 10.3.1 for a possible jailbreak?

    • Héctor Viveros

      Stay in 10.3. If there is no JB, you can upgrade whenever you want, but you can’t downgrade. Just be a little patience.

      • Well, at least wait 6 days as Apple never stop signing a firmware before 7 days. You can go to 10.3.1 within 6 days but not after. Make sure you read up on rumours and things before making a final decision

  • Guilherme 

    your move, pangu…

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    Now it is time to see whether those rumors about Pangu are true… and I hope they are!

  • Strykker

    The Apple unwritten race against the “jailbreak” continues.

  • nvog

    Let’s hope we see something REALLY untethered this time… fingers crossed.

  • The Boss

    Can’t log in to Wordfeud after updating. iPhone 7 128 gb model. Anyoane else having this problem?

    • The Boss

      It’s working now. Sorry.

  • burge

    And Apple release beta 10.3.3 in 3….2…1…

    • Not happening, WWDC is a month away, next beta will be iOS 11

      • burge

        Unless you’ve been keeping up with Apple betas every time Apple push out an update a beta is pushed out the next day or so. And it’s also called joking.

        And just to inform you Apple have pushed out updates on or around and after WWDC before now so it is possible as IOS 11 will not drop till the back end of the year and and Apple is aways trying to improve IOS.

      • I knew it was a joke lol, and yeah, you’re right it could happen, but highly unlikely

      • burge

        I bet there will be at least one more update even a minor one to iOS before iOS 11 drops. Apple will find something that they want to push out as iOS 11 is around around 4 months away. I remember Apple pushing out betas for late iOS 9 updates when the betas for iOS 10 just got pushed out.

      • I stand corrected lol

      • erjonshima

        wow, you are working @ Apple .. or you are just a little strange in your head

  • Blacklight: Retribution

    Can I still update to iOS 10.3.1 via iTunes? Currently on iOS 10.2.1.

  • Ive been on 10.3.2 latest beta which is the final release for awhile and i gotta say it has issues. the phone will hang sometimes and at times the wallpaper does not cover the status bar but moves up to do so in a few seconds

    • burge

      Not had an issue myself on my 7 in fact I forgot I was even using betas until the beta updates go pushed out. Try doing clean install from scratch.

      • fluck that shit. hate clean install. if i wanted clean install id bought an android. 6s+ btw

  • Andrieux Querido

    iPhone 7 Plus iOS 10.1.1 . Should i Update to 10.3.1 and wait for the Jailbreak or stay on 10.1.1 ???

    • Robert

      Stay on ios 10.1.1 and just save your blobs now for 10.3.1 while it’s still signing

    • SohrabR

      Forget jailbreak. Just update. Not worth it anymore. I’ve waited for over 7 months for a stable jailbreak. Not happening

  • Diego Milano

    Whatever the rumors, save your blobs now, for both 10.3.1 and 10.3.2.

  • abhorred

    Anyone still able to save shsh2 using tsschecker? Getting ios for device is not being signed message.

    iphone 6, trying to save 10.3.2, 10.3.1. Last week same error when saving 10.3.1.

  • erjonshima

    ios 10.3.3 beta 1 justrelased.. your not new talking wrong stuff here lol

  • erjonshima

    so basically you can insult the others ? that’s what your saying?
    I give you an advice, go to your parents and ask them why you are not so intelligent ..
    or maybe your just adopted..
    by the way iOS 10.3.3 beta one is just released ..
    so you were WRONG.. like always

    • burge

      Sorry to say but the reply was not in any way an insult. “Are you bipolar” is not an insult it’s a question as you could very well be.

      Saying you look like a retarded kid is not calling you a retarded kid. These are different meanings.

      And going to ask your parents for a hug or something how the hell to do get insulted by that.

      But your the one dishing it out with the adopted line and not so intelligent.

      I didn’t see what was posted as it got deleted so I’m only going on what’s left of the chat between you two.

      And by the way Natalie and myself were have a very polite conversation and it’s your comment that’s been deleted. So you’ve over stepped the mark somewhere.

      • erjonshima

        okay.. bipolar or whatever thing started from that kind of strange user.. I just noticed this ..
        she said NOT HAPPENING.. was so sure that I made a joke saying that only a person working for Apple could know that ..
        now tell me where the duck is the insult there?

        this Natalie really should look inside itself and be sure that people would disagree with what she or he might have to say

      • burge

        If you had read the rest of the conversation that we’ve had you’ll see that I pointed out that iOS 11 is actually 4+ months away from releasing and Apple will not leave iOS 10 alone for 4+ months.

        I don’t know what got posted but it got deleted so it over stepped the mark on something.

        And I was proven right with this because Apple have released a new beta.