As previously reported here on iDB, rumours of a jailbreak for the oft-neglected Apple TV 4 have been circulating since soon after the disclosure of Ian Beer’s Project Zero exploits, and especially since those exploits were used by Luca Todesco to fashion the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10.0-10.2.

It was discovered soon after Yalu was released that many of the exploits used were also present on tvOS, and Apple TV developer nitoTV commented that consequently the jailbreak could be ported, with modifications, to that platform.

It seems that nitoTV may subsequently have ceased working on a solution personally, mentioning other developers already working on the project. We speculated at the time that he was referring to noted software consultant and iOS internals expert Jonathan Levin, and it soon turned out this supposition was correct. In a recent tweet, Levin confirms that work on the tvOS jailbreak is now complete and that further details, as well as the download itself, are to be released imminently. You can see a copy of the tweet below:

This is great news for Apple TV 4 owners, especially if they heeded our advice a while back and downgraded their device to tvOS 10.1 (or remained on any lower tvOS 10.x firmware). The upcoming jailbreak is extremely likely to support all tvOS 10.0-10.1, leaving out only the most recent, tvOS 10.1.1. That firmware is the counterpart to iOS 10.2.1, in which the Yalu jailbreak was patched, and will therefore not be supported.

Some have questioned the utility of a jailbreak for the Apple TV 4, citing its smaller user base, and the apparent lack of uses for the increased freedoms afforded by a jailbreak. However, without a current tool for the device the available applications are bound to few and far between, as no one is actively developing them, testing them, or thinking them up. It’s possible that now, with a larger number of users available and willing to test, more progress will be made on the platform and the benefits of a jailbreak will make themselves known.

What would be especially exciting to me would be the porting of Cydia Substrate itself to tvOS, allowing for actual tweaks to be installed to the device, rather than just the sideloading of non-standard applications. This would truly bring the utility of an Apple TV jailbreak on par with that of iOS, though there has been no word yet as to whether this is planned or possible.

We’ll let you know as soon as the tvOS jailbreak for 10.0-10.1 is released, as well as giving any further details which come to light in the intervening time. For now, any Apple TV 4 owners on 10.0-10.1 should avoid updating like the plague, and sit tight.

Do you have an Apple TV 4 on a jailbreakable firmware? Do you have any ideas for tweaks or applications which would render the upcoming jailbreak useful to you on the device?

  • TechnoBuff

    Q: Is it still possible to downgrade to 10.1 using the prescribed method on this site?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Hi TechnoBuff. It is no longer possible to downgrade an ATV to 10.1 through iTunes, because Apple stopped signing tvOS 10.1 some time ago.

      If you are referring to the Prometheus method, I don’t think that will work either as I don’t think it causes collisions on tvOS 10.1.1. However, I don’t know this for a fact. If you don’t have blobs saved for 10.1 then you definitely can’t, sorry.

      Thanks for reading!

  • God damn it! Somehow my Apple TV is on 10.1.1 and I don’t remember updating it. Oh well. I really wanted a browser on it.

    • jkwon15

      Same happened to me but I wanted Kodi on the tv

      • Gary LE

        Same here lol. I actually had it but it just doesnt work like the next day. Some said the developers account expired or something.

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      Sideloading is still possible for the browser

  • RobDigital413

    10.2……auto update… name is Scruffy ….ima janitor. (Scruffy voice)

  • Jamessmooth

    Great news!

  • TheGreatShalaw

    cme on we need 10.2.1

  • Wood1030

    Oh! Thank God I turned Auto Update off @ 10.1

    I’ll be ready to go as soon as it’s available.

  • Dae

    Man i hope my apple tv 4 is still on 10.1 i cant remember but i never thought they come out with this jailbreak so i havent been caring about the update screen and would if i felt like it

  • Alejandro Barrera

    Most of us are already updated on 10.1.1 or 10.2. This thing is useless. the must work on Newer firmwares.

    • Blip dude

      Get used to it, this is probably how it’s going to be from here on out. Not just for tvOS but even iOS devices as well.

    • The Zlatan

      While waiting on a JB it has always been advised to not update firmware constantly..

  • burge


  • Rafael Castillo

    If I buy one now do y’all think it’ll come with 10.1? I’m not familiar with the Apple TV/its updates, but if there’s any incentive to jb’ing it, then count me in!

    • Markieze Mitchell

      I purchased one a few months ago and it came equipped with 9.0.1 still. I am currently still on that firmware and was too late to update it to the right firmware to prepare for a jailbreak so 9.0.1 I will stay until I hear any other news for a future jailbreak.

    • Icisz

      you would be fine. besides you can buy from bestbuy and return it otherwise. your safe

  • Kyron

    A fully featured Movie box would be amazing on the Apple TV. Maybe it can run with nothing done to it

  • Chris Ryan

    woohoo, i took the advice a few weeks ago you guys posted and got my atv4 onto firmware 10.1 bring on the jailbreak!

  • Gabriel Schwartz

    YES YES YES!!!
    Good thing I’m on 10.1.
    Auto Update is turned off but the damn tvOS keeps asking me to upgrade.
    I hope for a tweak to stop this popping up all the time so my kids will not upgrade it by mistake and KODI is the best thing that’s happening.

    • Gary LE

      I agreed but I have been using the ftv2 with kodi and a bunch of other apks installed for a year now and was about to sell my atv4 too lol. Can the atv4 take apks as well after jb?

      Also anyone knows if it is safe to use your apple email and pw to log into the device after jb??

  • Arkitekt

    I just purchased a New Apple TV from Ebay (haven’t plugged it in yet) so I assume I am on an early firmware.

    How can I update to 10.1 without going to 10.1.1?

    Any tutorial you guys can lead me to?


    • Mike

      Simple, you can’t.

      • Arkitekt

        Yeah, i just realized, apple isn’t signing 10.1 anymore so I had to update to 10.1.1. It was either 10.1.1 or 9.0!

        Thanks for the reply