In addition to iOS 10, Apple on Tuesday also released watchOS 3 for the Apple Watch. The update, which has been in beta for the past 3 months, is free and compatible with all available models of the Apple Watch.

To install the new software, you’ll have to ensure your iPhone is on iOS 10. Once that’s confirmed, simply open the Watch app and navigate to General > Software Update. Your Watch must be within range of your iPhone on Wi-Fi, connected to its charger, and have at least 50% battery life.

Here are some of the major new features in watchOS 3:

Faster performance and simplified navigation

Now apps launch immediately with updated information, so they’re always ready when you are. You can easily get to the app you want by clicking the side button for the Dock. And swiping from the bottom of the watch face reveals Control Center for your most used settings.

New watch faces and gallery

Choose from a variety of faces, and customize them with an even bigger selection of useful apps. And now you can switch faces on the fly, so you’ll always have the right one for whatever you’re doing. Start with the Modular face and apps for your workday. Then easily swipe to the Activity face as you head to the gym.

Auto Unlock for Mac and new Activity features

While you’re wearing your Apple Watch, your Mac senses when you’re nearby and logs you in automatically. So it’s ready to use as soon as you wake it up. You can also now share your Activity rings with friends and family for motivation. Compete to see who can close all three rings first, or let your trainer keep an eye on your daily progress. Get notifications when people finish workouts or earn achievements.

Other notable watchOS 3 features:

  • New SOS option allows you to quickly contact emergency services by holding down on your Apple Watch’s side button.
  • Refreshed Control Center in watchOS 3 offers quick access to useful settings.
  • New Breath app guides you through a series of deep breaths that can help you manage stress.
  • Support for the new Messages features in iOS 10 like stickers and animations.

Keep in mind that Apple Watch updates are notoriously sluggish, and are likely to be even slower on a high volume launch day. If you run into any issues downloading watchOS 3, consider trying again later in the day.

  • Watch not available yet for me… already did tv and phone…

    • Furrnace

      Steven, did the update show up for you yet?

      • It sure did! I have installed and everything is working well now. Had to delete beta profiles and then restart both devices for it to pop up!

      • Furrnace

        Hmm, maybe that’s the problem on mine! Thanks for the tip.

  • 5723alex .

    I am installing it right now.

  • Furrnace

    If I was on the iOS 10 public beta, but now deleted my beta profile from my phone, how do I need to do this? Currently, my iPhone shows it’s at iOS 10.0.1. It already updated to GM version. But I still don’t see the update for my watch yet.

    • Raymond Beavers

      Did you get it to update. I have the iOS 10 10.0.1 GM version. I am updating my Apple Watch to watchOS 3 right now.

      • Furrnace

        Yes I finally did once I got home and connected to my wifi. The thing that held me up was the beta profile I had installed onto my watch. I had to remove that. I had only removed the profile on my iPhone

  • Samuel L. Jackson

    So even if I use another iPhone on iOS 10 to update my watch to OS3, I won’t be able to use the watch with my jailbroken daily driver that’s at 9.3.3?

    • John Smith


      • Samuel L. Jackson


  • RobDigital413

    The build number of the final version of iOS 10 is also 14A403, so it is the same version as iOS 10 GM. So you don’t need to do anything. 10.0.1

  • Thomas Flores

    Updating to watch os3 takes forever. Anyone else having that issue?

    • Furrnace

      Grrr, it hasn’t even been offered to me yet. I think my work blocks it. I need to get on WiFi at home.


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  • Mario

    Can i use my jailbroken 9.3.3 iPhone to update my watch to OS 3? Will it still pair?

    • 5723alex .


      • Obi

        Can watch OS 3 work be paired with IOS 9.3.3?

      • 5723alex .

        No. Just with iOS 10.

  • Cristian Meneses

    For some reason, I cannot get “AutoUnlock” to work. Currently running macOS Sierra GM on a MBP Early 2013, watchOS 3.0 and iOS 10 GM. Anyone running into the same issue?

    • 5723alex .

      You need to enable Two-Factor Authentication established for the iCloud account.

  • Alex-V

    Can anyone tell me please the build of watch os 3..?

    • 5723alex .


      • Alex-V

        Thx..Now I can delete the beta profiles..its the same as the gm build

  • 5723alex .

    Weather and weather conditions complications are not WathcOS 3 compatible and does not display data on the watch.

    • Alex-V

      Only have the weather online app ..wich also does not have complications..but the app itself runs on the watch ..with actual weather data..wich app you using..? Also the iOS weather is working

      • 5723alex .

        Fixed the problem. Forgot to select location.

  • Malan Raja

    Is there any jailbreak tweak i can install on 9.3.3 to fool Apple and download WatchOS3?