Fog iphone wallpaper splash

In our continued Wallpapers of the Week series, top quality images are gathered and posted for our readership. The collections range in theme from arbitrary, to pop culture, nature, and CGI geometric shapes. Changing one’s wallpapers, stands as one of the easiest ways to customize your device without jailbreaking. However, the Pangu team did just release an updated jailbreak for devices running iOS 9.3.3.

Our collections are gathered from around the Internet, sourced from galleries, or provided to us via tips on Twitter. You can catch me @jim_gresham, if you have some excellent wallpaper images or follow along for updates through the week. Inside, is a collection of artistically foggy wallpapers, sourced through Twitter.


Below is a set of six wallpapers curated by @_macinmac_, who keeps gallery collections on a Google+ page. Perhaps to your delight, he promises “no words, just images.” If you are looking for consistently updated high quality images, give him a follow and download the fog themed wallpapers below.

Fog iphone wallpaper 1

Download: iPhone

Fog iphone wallpaper 2

Download: iPhone

Fog iphone wallpaper 3

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

Fog iphone wallpaper 5

Download: iPhone

Fog iphone wallpaper 6

Download: iPhone

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    • e brake


  • TornBodies

    My lock & home screen i like the bridge ones i’m gonna use them once i get off star wars theming

  • Lan

    Ha, that’s Guangzhou,China. I remember the tower in the last pictures.

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    My favorite posts from iDB

  • tariq

    I just love Sundays!