Man marries iPhone in Las Vegas image 001

How far would you be willing to go in order to profess love for your iPhone? I bet not as far as one dude, who’s taken loving his phone to a whole new level.

Aaron Chervenak just married his iPhone in—you guessed right—Las Vegas, probably the only place in the world where a wedding ceremony between a human being an an inanimate object can take place.

Chervenak is a completely sane person who simply took it upon himself to marry his smartphone as a clever way of sending a wake-up call to our gadget-obsesses society.

“People are so connected to their phones and they live with them all the time,” he said.

“They’re with them 24 hours a day. They go to sleep with their cell phone. They wake up with their cell phone, sometimes it’s the first thing that they check.”

Check out the “wedding” ceremony in a video below.

As noted by KTNV, which broke the news, this particular marriage isn’t legally recognized by the State of the Nevada.

Source: KTNV via The Loop

  • Hope he won’t cheat on it with the 7 so soon.

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      LOL, wife upgrades…

      • Doesn’t happen very often with everyone…

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Except maybe Angelina Jolie 😉 😉

  • Wait till he meets the new black chick 7 who is thinner, sexier, and smarter.

  • Ds

    Does that mean he has to divorce his current “wife” to upgrade?

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      Yup! A divorce every year and he has 2 options for the wife…

      • Does the old phone get half of all his assets?

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Maybe 2.5GB of iCloud storage if he is using the free one?!?!

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    I wouldn’t go anywhere near the headphone jack on that iPhone.

    • Mike M. Powell


    • Agneev Mukherjee

      LOL… too small, but there is also the Lightning (and the mics).

  • [RECON1]
    • Ds

      I think we are all genuinely concerned for the longevity of this marriage.. hence our comments haha

  • Scott Curry

    Tech Support Log
    Girlfriend Upgrade

    Subject: Tech Support

    Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0 and noticed that the new program began unexpected child processing that took up a lot of space and valuable resources. No mention of this phenomenon was included in the product brochure.

    In addition, Wife 1.0 installs itself into all other programs and launches during system initialization, where it monitors all other system activity. Applications such as Pokernight 10.3 Drunken Boys Night 2.5 and Sunday Football 5.0 no longer run, crashing the system whenever selected. I cannot seem to keep Wife 1.0 in the background while attempting to run some of my other favorite applications.

    I am thinking about going back to Girlfriend 7.0, but the un-install does not work on this program. Can you help me, please???

    Thanks, Joe


    Dear Joe:

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    It is unlikely that you would be able to purge Wife 1.0 and still convert back to Girlfriend 7.0. Hidden operating files within your system would cause Girlfriend 7.0 to emulate Wife 1.0 so that, in the end, nothing would be gained. It is impossible to un-install, delete, or purge the program files from the system once installed. You cannot go back to Girlfriend 7.0 because Wife 1.0 is not designed to do this.

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    Best of luck,

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    • [RECON1]

      0_o you done wrote a novel lol

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        A big ASS novel…

    • Furrnace

      That good sir, is HILARIOUS.

    • Ds

      you’re done. You win the internet today.

  • Gethro

    I gotta say at least his iPhone won’t be cheating on him when he leaves it at home haha

  • I don’t think this “wake up call” worked.

  • Waldemar Sinicki

    Such stupidity only in america

    • Rowan09

      Hay man love is love right.

    • Number216

      What about the guy in Japan who married his pillow?

  • Rowan09

    He should be allowed to purchase the 6+ marry it and then have a baby (6) and then claim them on its taxes. It’s his right as an American citizen and its only fair.

  • Bradley Hines

    Anyone else get the public beta for iOS 9.3.3 ?

    • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

      Yes it’s just devs can’t get it bc iOS 10 I have iOS 10 I’m just waiting for beta 2

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        Not OTA anyway

  • Careful though; if you marry a pink iphone; the Tea Baggers will show up to protest

    • Number216

      lol they just might show up to protest anyways: “See! We told you this would happen if you allowed gays to marry! Now people are marrying their phones! Where will it stop?”

      I’m kind of surprised they haven’t begun protesting this

  • Sohail Wahab

    Love knows no gender, wait what! That’s an iPhone

  • Me: Hey Siri, wanna get married?
    Siri: Sorry Prasoon. I don’t understand what you mean by “wanna get married?”

  • SouthMouthGwapGetta

    Seems about white

  • Mark S

    “Chervenak is a completely sane person” Not in my book he’s not. And I thought people who got married in Wal Mart or Mc Donald’s were looney toons.