iPhone 7 price list China

Citing a post on Chinese social network Weibo, PocketNow reported this morning that the flagship 256-gigabyte version of the iPhone 7 Plus could price-match the top-of-the-line 128-gigabyte iPhone 6s Plus model. According to the leaked pricing, the next iPhone lineup would include 32/64/256GB models for the 4.7-inch iPhone 7.

Its bigger brother, the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus, somewhat strangely gets listed with 32/128/256GB storage choices. The Chinese price list also mentions a brand new model for the upcoming iPhone refresh, referred to as ‘iPhone 7 Pro’.

Without mentioning how the iPhone 7 Pro might differ from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models, the poster claims that that device will also come in 32/128/256GB variants.

“In US equivalencies, we’re looking at a spread of prices from about $820 to $1,350, with the iPhone 7 Pro said to start near $1,080,” writes PocketNow. “Subtracting the 20 percent premium that our Far East friends pay for Apple’s exports, we might expect the 32GB iPhone 7 Pro to be set at the $849 level.”

Basically, you’re looking at a $150 premium on the iPhone 7 Pro versus the rumored iPhone 7 Plus pricing, based on today’s exchange rate for the Chinese yuan currency.

By comparison, the new 16GB iPhone 6s model comes in at $649 contract-free in the United States. The 64/128GB versions are $749/$849. The contract-free 16/64/128GB editions of the iPhone 7 Plus are respectively priced at $749/$849/$949.

Again, these are US prices. Elsewhere, the iPhone commands a varying premium due to import taxes, currency fluctuations and local sourcing norms.

The unanswered question: what the heck is iPhone 7 Pro?

Source: PocketNow via Weibo

  • I’ve said it before many times, but I’ll say it again: Apple will streamline their naming scheme by using the following nomenclature:

    iPad – iPad Pro
    iPhone – iPhone Pro
    MacBook – MacBook Pro
    Mac – Mac Pro

    • J3ff

      makes sense to me.

    • James G

      What about iPad mini? Does that simply become iPad?

      • Not every Apple product has to have a Pro model. And they don’t. Obviously, there won’t be a pro Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac mini, iPad mini.

      • James G

        But there will be iPad mini. iPad. And iPad Pro?

      • Soon.

    • The King

      And where’s the air names at?

      • therealjjohnson

        the regular MacBooks are just as thin as the Airs are/were. I think that term goes away.

      • The King

        Makes sense.

      • What Air? It’s phasing out. It’s pretty obvious now.

      • The King

        Not really. Mac computers and iPads still hold the name. It’s not that obvious unless you work for Apple. 🙂

    • Quilliv


    • Stefano

      LOL nomenclature

  • armyk

    Awesome, I want to see price of iPhone 7 Pro… 900$?

    • Martynet

      iPhone 6s plus 128 GB is $949. So I assume that 7 Pro 256 GB will be around $1149 or $1199

      • armyk

        I wish 256GB PRO would cost the same as 6S Plus 128Gb, but thats just my wish. And make 7/7 Plus cheaper than current 6S/6S Plus

      • Mike

        lol am i buying a phone or laptop?

  • hmm 7 plus and 7 pro?

    • Jamessmooth

      I like your whim! I’m hoping that smart connector will = wireless charging.

      • Jon20

        I have a feeling that the smart connector will eventually be used in their future smart car as a connection to make it a Central Hub for Car Play. Since we’re throwing crazy predictions out there. Lol.

  • The King

    Watch, Apple is going to announce the pro and it’s going to make people hype like it was sliced bread again. Then they will talk about the 32GB as the first price point and remove 16 GB. Then idiots will marvel like this was innovation when apple was just raping people for money. Then they would mention a camera boost in darker light (already possible and in use) and split screen on the pro when jailbreak tweaks have this for smaller devices with you having as many screens in any size on the edge and S7 already. All this equals is money for the use of old tech. People will eat this stuff up

    • askep3

      It’s not rape if people make the choice to buy it

      • The King


    • nonchalont

      Can’t rape the willing

      • The King

        Get the lube and condoms out. Sounds like an orgy is at foot

    • Lit

      Don’t forget Jonny-boy Ives will be in a white background and make it sound sexy

      • The King

        I honestly believe his real job is sweet talk you into buying the product. People go to the keynote saying Apple didn’t do anything different, until they get to John’s video, then they line up with the lube and the condoms out. He’s the real MVP for Apple.

  • Pedro Nieto

    iPhone 7 Pro: 18-karat solid gold casing?

  • @dongiuj

    Are you sure you got you’re calculations right? That picture is in Japanese, not Chinese.

  • Quilliv

    I’m good

  • 108b0b

    Who in their right minds would pay 1000$ for a friggin smartphone which will we replaced by a better one in 12 months?

    • @dongiuj

      I’m guess silly apple fans.

  • @dongiuj

    How come you changed the picture at the top? It had Japanese written on it before. So are you sure the currency is in Chinese ¥ and not Japanese ¥?