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In somewhat surprising news, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo—arguably the most reliable Apple analyst out there—says there’ll be one, not two iPhone 7 Plus models. Previous rumors have pointed to three different configurations: a regular 4.7-inch ‘iPhone 7’, a larger-screened 5.5-inch ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ and a so-called ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ with premium hardware features.

According to Kuo’s note to clients, a copy of which was obtained by MacRumors, Apple plans to produce a single iPhone 7 Plus model. That ‘Plus’ edition should be the ‘Pro’ iPhone you’ve been waiting for: it’ll come outfitted with a dual-lens camera system and have three gigabytes of RAM versus two gigabytes of RAM on the iPhone 6s generation.

The analyst explains that more RAM will be needed in order to compensate for the increased image processing demands stemming from dual-lens cameras.

“In a previous report, we said the new 5.5-inch iPhone model (referred to as iPhone 7 Plus), to be launched in the second half of 2016, may come in two versions: one with rear single-camera and the other with rear dual-camera,” reads the research note.

“However”, Kuo writes, “we now believe Apple will only roll out the dual-camera version in the second half of this year, with 3GB RAM to meet image processing requirements.”

He predicted new iPhone shipments at 20-30 million units in fiscal 2016.

Source: MacRumors

  • Martynet

    Good bye my 6s plus 🙂

    • Hot12345

      Better wait for the 7splus, with amoled screen

      • Xee

        I want amoled, I will be torn…

  • CG

    “and have three gigabytes of RAM versus two gigabytes of RAM on the iPhone 6/6s generation.”

    I think you mean iPhone 6s/6s Plus.

  • So, out of 3 million iPhone 7 Plus models, Apple will produce only one with dual lens and 3GB RAM?? Hmm, I wonder who’s gonna be the lucky one to buy it.

  • Chindavon

    At this point in time with slumping sales, Apple can’t afford to kick the 4.7″ models in the nuts anymore. They need to have just as good specs for it or on par. It is the model they sell the most of after all.

    • JayDee917

      I mean, there is a $100 premium to get the Plus model, there should be benefits other than the screen size.

      • Chindavon

        True. I know their secret plan is the quick up-sale, i.e., 16GB to 64GB, but I think they should at least do Dual Cameras for both (if true). Other premium specs like extra ram, bigger screen, bigger battery, higher res screen, OIS, is enough.

      • Juke Luke

        I would much rather have just the same amount of ram in both. 3gb on both the 4.7 and 5.5. dual camera can go to the plus version (im fine with a single)

  • Guy

    This would be shocking. The iPad Pro 9.7 didn’t get no love from Apple in the ram department.

    • Chindavon

      At this rate, iPads should have 8GB by now.

      • Guy

        I hear all this talk about iPads should run OSX. I personally don’t want that. I want a more capable iOS version for iPads. Capable of talking advanced of the bigger screen. To look the same yet separate from iPhones iOS

  • Guy

    If the iPhone 7 models are two different from either, people will feel cheated if the Plus version gets the greater features.

    • Shinonuke

      If what you say is true then I wonder about people who have the 6s versus 6s plus as one more better camera than the other

      • Guy

        Some people feel cheated by it because the 6 / 6s Plus modeI has OIS. Others like my girl have no clue what I’m talking about. If the iPhone 7 plus as 3 GB of RAM and the iPhone 7 only gets 2 that’s a rip off. iPad Pro 9.7 got rip off. We all know next version of the bigger iPad Pro smaller Pro will get all those features with that 4gb of RAM.

      • Shinonuke

        I am not sure why they would feel cheated given that they have to pay more to get more. I purchased the iPhone 6s Plus for the OIS but I guess it’ll be nice to be able to get that feature in the 6s

  • n0ahcruz3

    Last year they put 2 gb for the first time in iPhone history. A big jump from 1gb(iPhone 6/6+) now they’re gonna add another 1gb ram? This is unApple like, interesting indeed if it’s true. Lol