AR72014 iPad Pro event wallpaper splash

We are excited to bring you a spectacular set of images for Wallpapers of the Week. Last Monday, Apple announced iPhone SE and the new iPad Pro, which comes now in 9.7″ versions. Once the devices were highlighted on the website, several new wallpapers appeared on the device advertisements. Only a couple of hours later, I was getting pinged with hopeful iDB readers, trying to download the new images.

Thanks to some work from our loyal readers, I was able to snag these wallpapers and am excited to offer them to you. Not only are the advertised wallpapers included below, you can also download wallpaper versions from the shot-on iPhone SE image gallery, which is featured on the Apple product page. Step inside for your downloads.

iPhone SE announcement wallpapers

The following images are a compilation of work from several people who interacted with me via Twitter @jim_gresham, on the days after the official announcement. Below, the orange and blue flower, on a black background, was sent to me by several people. I am trying to get everyone a shout out, sorry if I accidentally leave you off the list: @AR72014; @Quentin_IOS; @mukundbhatla; @cessi1212; @Shravster. The linked image, in particular, was the best submitted image. It isn’t the highest quality, as it was poached from the Apple website, but it has been cleaned up. The following splash image was posted via @AR72014 and he was the only one to send over an Apple Watch version.

AR72014_iPhone SE black wallpaper splash

Download: iPhone; Apple Watch

Quentin_IOS iPhone SE wallpaper splash

Download via @Quentin_IOS: iPhone

The next set of wallpapers are gleaned from the iPhone SE advertising gallery page, that highlights images shot with the iPhone SE camera. A panning gallery window cycles through images that have since been accessed and turned into the following wallpapers by @Axinen. Check out his full website for additional work.

San Francisco Bridge iPhone SE- iPhone

Download: iPhone; iPad (including 12.9″ Pro)

Sunset iPhone SE left - iPhone

Download: iPhone; iPad

Sunset iPhone SE right- iPhone

Download: iPhone; iPad

Sunset on Desert iPhone SE - iPad (Including iPad Pro)

Download: iPhone; iPad (including 12.9″ Pro)

iPad Pro announcement wallpapers

Next up, these two wallpapers were shown on the iPad Pro slides during the March Apple Event. The wallpapers were optimized by @AR72014 and available below for Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad.

AR72014 iPad Pro event wallpaper splash

Download left: Apple Watch; iPhone; iPad

Download right: Apple Watch; iPhone; iPad

Were you able to find any of the iPhone SE wallpapers? There are still a couple on the website, for which we do not have access in a higher resolution. Alternatively, if you have a higher resolution version of any above wallpapers, feel free to catch up with me via Twitter @jim_gresham. As always, if you have any great images, send them my way.

  • Mukund Bhatla

    Glad to be helpful and thanks Jim for including my twitter handle in the post 🙂

  • Jayy

    I actually as wondering about that first wallpaper.

  • Maxpacific

    The Dark iPhone SE one by @AR72014 is really bad quality. @kiwimanjaro has done a much better version of this one. Much much better. As well as the Rose gold one. Jim, you need to be doing a bit more digging around. 🙂 LOL

  • XNGN

    I need a iPhone 6s Plus version

  • Rakesh Jain

    Any free sources of getting live photo for wallpaper (apart from jailbreak and paid AppStore apps)

  • its really super

  • Felipe Nicolas

    Silver and gold version someone found it ?

  • marcos esteban

    Silver and gold version someone found it ?

  • Zachary Lucier

    I’ve got the missing ones thanks to screenshots of my freind’s SE…

    • Laszlo Kmetyo

      life saver ❤️

    • Thank you so so so much it’s impossible to find the Gold one for my iPhone SE, iOS 10 gets rid of these wallpapers sadly

  • Zachary Lucier

    The power of screenshots…

  • Zachary Lucier

    Since I can’t upload all of the wallpapers together, I have to upload them individually…

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      Space Gray

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      Rose Gold