ios 9.3 beta 7

Apple on Monday released iOS 9.3 beta 7 to developers and public testers. The update is available in both Apple’s dev center and public testing portal, as well as via an over-the-air update for folks running the previous beta.

Today’s seed comes less than a week week after the previous beta 6, which brought about various changes and improvements to Night Shift mode, and some two months after the original 9.3 beta was pushed to developers.

For those who haven’t been following iOS 9.3, it’s going to be a significant update with several new user-facing features such as the aforementioned Night Shift mode, protected Notes, new 3D Touch actions and much more.

We are installing the new beta now, and will be sure to let you know if we spot anything noteworthy. If you see something that we’ve missed, let us know down in the comments section or email us at

  • Tommy

    When public ?

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      the 21st

      • Tommy

        I meant when is the public beta release

      • Chris Gilmore


    • Guy

      It’s public already

  • Miqdad

    Any idea on why the OTA update for the public beta 7 is 1.4 gb on the iPad Air

    • xoFoxtail

      No idea. It was 66mb on my iPhone 6s, and 30mb~ on my iPad Pro. Are you updating from the last beta or did you miss one?

    • Micki van Reingold

      i did mine 20 mins ago

    • Blip dude

      Probably because you skipped a beta. I skipped Beta 5, so beta 6 was a 1.3GB File (iPad Air 2), however, Beta 7 is now a 39MB file.

      • Miqdad

        I skipped beta 6 which was also showing me 1.4gb, although my iPhone 6s Plus same upgrade was 40mb.

  • Gaga Gabunia

    shame on you apple

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      Why are you shaming Apple? they’re probably making sure 9.3 works correctly instead of just throwing out update after update.

      • Jasonviphone6+

        Stalling the exploits from Pangu I think is one of the primary reasons, they’re lapping it up as long as they can.

      • Lit

        They’re “supposed” to do that. However, every time a big release comes out, there’s always major bugs.

  • Kenneth Delgado

    Another beta, don’t understand whats taking them so long for a public release.

    • Chris

      Considering the ‘In The Loop’ event is coming up, I’d say they’re waiting for it to show off new pre-iOS 10 features.

    • Blip dude

      In case you missed it, Apple is holding an event Next Monday, and you can bet they will either release it then, or formally announce when the Final version of iOS 9.3 will be released.

      Personally, i’m fine with them taking their time. This means we will less likely have a buggy OS, and at the same time, more time for Pangu/TaiG to work on a stable jailbreak.

    • iPhoneWINS

      they are trying too close jail break holes and they will still have 9.3.1 two day later

  • Gabriel Anaya

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a beta 7…

    • iOS 2 and 5 went Beta 8. But thats all

      • Jasonviphone6+

        Anyone with a profile pic of that scum bag Donald C_NT, is a C_NT! You need shooting just like him and his offspring.

      • Ian

        You seem mentally challenged. Want a cookie?

      • iPhoneWINS

        He won’t win don’t worry

  • Tarek Al Shawi

    I had a dream that they released an iPhone 5Se with like tons of cheap models lol

    • Are you sure you’re not dreaming about Samsung instead of Apple? Lol

      • Ian

        The fanboyism within this one is strong.

  • Anyone using these betas? I think after 6 betas before this one should be running smooth… Any comments? iPhone 6 Plus user here.

    • Jasonviphone6+

      They’re stalling so the jb is stalled longer or they’ve patched up more vulnerabilities along with bug fixes. I should change my username to “jasonv6s9.2nojb” haha!

      • What? I don’t understand anything u said lol

      • Jasonviphone6+

        It’s not much different from the last beta just a few bug fixes and primarily to to stop Pangu realeasing a jailbreak.

      • Blip dude

        As stupid as this sounds, I somewhat consider it a good thing. The 9.0 Jailbreak felt kind of rushed, and considering 9.0 was not polished as should have been, this all led to one crappy Jailbreak experience, not to mention how long it took for tweaks to become compatible, and finally dealing with my own hardware issues, I ended up with 9.2 on iPhone (9.3 on iPad) with no regrets. Do I miss the benefits of jailbreak?? Sure, but if both the OS and jailbreak is initially buggy, then I’ll pass. So let Apple polish 9.3 even if it means waiting a bit longer to Jailbreak. That way who knows, the 9.3 Jailbreak will end up as stable as the OS itself. . . Hopefully.

      • Jasonviphone6+

        Yeah I totally agree there, as one hard reboot on Pangu equates to BLoD, I miss it too, but it’s a matter of a few weeks sure I can survive a few extra weeks after the wait so far! A bit of a kick in the goolies with 9.1 jb as we could of had that for the meantime, I’ve got jb on 8.4 on the iPad Air but I love the 9 the best, it’s pretty imminent though so that’s a good feeling and it will be such a great feeling when it lands as long as there’s no BLoD, there hasn’t been on 9.1 to my knowledge it’s a lot more stable than the 9-9.0.2 lets hope it follows suit!

      • I’m not using jailbreak a long time ago. I just wanted to know if this Beta is stable and not full of bugs.

        I’m still on 9.2.1. Stopped to use betas as they became even more unstable that it usually were.

      • iPhoneWINS

        nothing apple does is ever polished …. the iOS 9 jailbreak is fine and works perfectly and i will not update unless there is a new jailbreak.. the iPhone sucks with no jailbreak

  • Guy

    This current beta fix so many issues I had

  • Ray

    Are they going to fix on the 6s and 6s Plus where if your listening to music, and want to take a picture, the Live picture feature kills the music once you open the camera, whether you have Live turned on or off…very annoying!

  • Stephen

    I’d love to see some live to iCloud Drive with having the ability to save documents direct to iCloud Drive from iPhone and iPad rather than having to use a laptop or desktop computer. Other cloud drive apps suck as OneDrive allow saving and editing documents direct to the drive. I know that apps like Pages allow you to save direct to iCloud but overall functionality feels limited compared to other services out there.

    Also hope the Classroom app is not a mandatory install – don’t really want another stock app, which I will never use, being integrated into the iOS system.

  • Julio Hernandez

    When you swipe left or down for spotlight, it’s been redesigned a bit