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Next week, Apple is set to reveal new hardware to its line up. With media invitations announcing the March 21 event, speculation continues to mount. Expected hardware allegedly includes the anticipated 4″ flagship iPhone SE, a 9.7″ iPad Pro, formerly the iPad Air, and likely new bands for Apple Watch. Some are calling the forthcoming event a sleeper, but once Tim Cooks steps on stage, there could be some surprises.

Before new hardware launches next week, take a moment to appreciate the current Apple designs. Inside, find iOS device wallpapers of existing Apple devices, as we wait for the new releases. 

Apple device wallpaper

The following images were sourced from If you would like to submit wallpapers for consideration in the Wallpapers of the Week category, catch up with me via Twitter @jim_gresham.


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone

  • Vanasian

    I like this one best

    • That’s rad. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mohammed Burn


    • Noohar


    • LARRY

      Lame it is


    Stupid the typical looks to suck people to buy Apple with them fancy pictures and than find out not what’s cracke up to be!!! Lousy products!!!

    • leart

      yeah people are so dumb but you look so smart, congratulations

      • LARRY

        Ya damn right I’m smart not to buy apples glitchy products they are just looks and very boring and overpriced and overrated

      • leart

        okay tell us on what device you throw your money please

      • LARRY

        Lg v 10 also samsung s7 edge and note 5 also Huawei mate 8 kills apple

      • leart

        i just asked you what device you use, not what device you like me to buy lololl

      • LARRY

        also learn i respect your opinion, admit apple reputation has gone down, look on the new all the issues, android is the way to go i have a family plan on android, i try apple and was pure junk and boring and glitchy iOS and OS X …great job there tim cook out for the profits not the consumer, and now apple don’t want to unlock the terrorist iPhone 5c?? apple supports terrorism, i hope isis pounds apple head quarters in cupertino for good

      • leart

        yeah, I agree

      • William Caudill

        LARRY if you own an android device why are you on an Apple related website? Haters going to Hate!

      • LARRY

        My friend showed me this and read and reply i dont hate apple 100% just wish they would get there ios and osx figured out!! My friend wants to ditch his iphone to all the glitches but hes stuck in the payment eip i was lucky and got rid of mine in return time

    • Iggy

      Let me guess, you build your own PC’s and proclaim it loudly. You think people will look at you as some kind of “guru.” Possibly you but the cheap manufacturer crap and think you got one hell of a deal.

      You stick to your little Lego style PCs and I’ll stick to my computers that work. Just to be clear, I work for a PC manufacturer and am by no mean ignorant of Windows.

      • LARRY

        Just admit your a pathetic apple fanboy who needs a sugar daddy, ahh gee tim cook would be good??

  • Daini Peagram

    I see the trolls are here too

    • Manuel Molina

      This is what happens when you are under the bridge for so long in wait for a jailbreak or new iPhone. Trolls come out.

    • LARRY

      ya you look like one

  • leart


    • Mark

      Wow… That’s an iOS I’ve not seen for a looooong time!

      • leart

        till 2.5 years ago it was the latest , looks from long time ago now 🙂

  • Not the best wallpapers.

    • John

      I see you’ve posted “best” alternatives.

  • port87

    just waiting for enmtw to release a jailbreak. or it could be vaporware.. who knows.

    • John

      Totally relevant to wallpapers…

  • hkgsulphate

    you know I can jizz in pants by simply looking at these pics