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This fall, Mac owners will at long last be able to converse with Siri as the voice-activated personal assistant makes its way into OS X 10.12, the next major release of Apple’s mobile operating system that powers Mac desktops and notebooks.

According to 9to5Mac’s reliable Mark Gurman, “Apple currently plans to use its next major release of the Mac operating system this fall to continue to expand Siri across its product lines.”

The news will no doubt make Mac owners happy. Siri, which debuted in 2011, is currently available across the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple Watch and the new Apple TV. It makes a lot of sense to bring Siri to the Mac given that processing power and battery life on desktop is much better than on mobile devices.

“For 2016, Siri is planned to finally make its way to the Mac,” notes Gurman.

According to his sources, Siri for Mac has a polished interface and will sit in your Mac’s menu bar, dutifully awaiting your command. You will activate her by clicking the Siri icon in the top right corner of the menu bar, much like you bring up the Spotlight user interface or the Notification Center.

“When a user clicks the Siri button, a dark, transparent Siri interface will appear in the top right corner of the screen,” reads the article.

On Macs connected to power, you will be able to activate the feature with a “Hey Siri” command. Users will be presented with the option to enable Siri at the first startup of OS X 10.12, according to Gurman’s sources.

Oh, and it’s “nearly ready to launch” publicly.

OS X 10.12, internally code-named “Fuji,” should be previewed this summer at the WWDC 2016 alongside iOS 10, ahead of its public release in the fall. Among other things, the software update is said to include minor user interface tweaks across core system application windows and will continue to focus on improving performance.

In your view, would Siri for Mac make for a meaningful feature addition?

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Scotow

    Finally !

  • I hope it can be invoked with a voice command, and not just by clicking in the menu bar… whether they use “Hey, Siri” or something else, it needs to be hands free.

    • of course… I comment this, then they update the story to add more detail, including “Hey, Siri”

    • Anonymous

      Siri will be hands free. I know this because you already can talk to your mac hands free if you configure it right. Its to long to explain how to do this so if your intrested google how to talk your your mac. And you’ll find tons of tutorial on youtube for this.

  • If Windows 10 can have Cortana then I don’t know why OS X can’t have Siri. I’m glad that Apple is finally doing this.

    • Elias Chao

      I’d say that is what motivated them to finally add Siri to OS X.

  • Ángel Javier Esquivel

    I insist it’ll be iOS X

  • :D

    A clock app with a stopwatch and timer would be nice too

    • Anonymous

      Just curious why you want those fetures? Not saying there bad or anything just curious.

      • :D

        I use third party apps atm to time work sessions without having to keep my (distractive) phone with me
        A built in app would work nicely with Siri

      • Anonymous

        Fair enough. 😉

  • Bigperm

    I think it’s great, but the major downfall is when I have my iPhone/IPad is near my mac and you que “Hey Siri” and all three devices activate. there’s gotta be a way to prioritize the mac when only WiFi or something.

    • Kaptivator

      This is what i was thinking, too. I’m working on my mac and my phone is by my side and I say, “hey Siri” and I then get multiple activation’s of siri. will be a pain to have to turn one off and then back on.

  • stylesbeyond

    another feature to turn off then like i do only devices i don’t use siri never have

  • Anonymous

    I welcome siri. I talk to my mac now through automator camands but its not the same.

  • philip Mills

    its its going to say is sorry i missed that :-[

  • George

    It’s embarrassing that it has taken this long.

  • I wonder if it’ll be supported on all Macs running 10.12 or just the newest models…?

    • Morgan Freeman

      I predict 2013+ only. 🙁

      • RayRayBeav

        I will be upset if this is true 🙁 Late 2012 here…

      • Jose Rivera

        I’m hoping it’s all Mac computers with Intel ixx processors and whatnot so that way Maca from 2010, and 2011 and later are supported…

  • marco v berlo

    i hope for dutch language support

  • Elias Chao

    If Mark Gurman said it, it’s going to be true 😛

    I’d like to invoke Siri with a voice command rather than clicking on an icon though.

    • Morgan Freeman

      Or at least a keyboard command. They could replace Spotlight search altogether with Siri. Command+space. Option to speak or type your input.

  • Sohail Wahab

    I hope they’ll make some tasks offline in Siri, after making dictation work offline on iOS 9. They might say well, let’s make Siri be able to do some stuff like toggling and defining words offline

  • When will developers be able to get their hands on an early beta of 10.12?

  • WOW! I want it

  • Gregg

    About time…

    • philip Mills

      Hey MacBook Pro open Safari