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Samsung is preparing to port several of its applications to iOS, reports SamMobile. The site says it has received information from trusted insiders that the South Korean company plans to bring “most of its apps (if not all)” to Apple’s mobile platform.

Of course, Samsung already has a handful of apps in the App Store, and the tech giant confirmed at CES that it will be adding iPhone support for the Gear S2 later this year. But today’s report says S Health, Gear Fit Manager and others are on the way.

According to the information that we’ve received, Samsung is working on Gear Fit Manager for iOS. This will allow people who own the Gear Fit to pair it with an iPhone. To compliment the Gear Fit Manager and Gear Manager apps, Samsung will also release the S Health app for iPhone. S Health app can be used to log daily activity, workouts, food intake, and sleep.

In terms of home entertainment, Samsung is bringing iOS support for the Galaxy View. The company is developing the Remote Control and Family Square apps for the iOS, which can be used to remotely control the Galaxy View using an iPhone and allow different users to stream content to the movable display. There are plans to release the Level app for Samsung’s Level audio devices as well, which will enable iPhone users to use these devices and make use of various effects and an official way of control.

Finally, SamMobile says Samsung is also working on a newer version of the Smart Camera app for iOS, which enables users to control their smart cameras, download their media, and serves as a remote viewfinder for compatible smartphones and tablets.

Source: SamMobile

  • Rodney Coleman

    How much they paying apple??

    • Ethan Monteon

      You do realize Samsung is worth more than Apple will be in a VERY LONG TIME right? Apple is merely a phone company where Samsung is more than that. Apple should be grateful to be in deals with such a great company. Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

      • Burge

        Sorry but im stuck for words to reply to “Apple is merely a phone company”

      • John

        Yes. I have to agree with Burge here.

        While we are on the topic of ignorance; on what trolling planet did you arrive from? Whatever gave you the idea that Apple is, was or ever will be merely a phone company?

        I guess ignorance really is bliss.

      • George

        Apple is an iPhone company. They have not had as much of a hit product ever since.

      • John

        A Samsung fanboy coming to the rescue of another Samsung fanboy.

        I don’t disagree that Samsung has a good manufacturing business but calling Apple an iPhone company makes as much sense as calling Samsung a dishwasher company.

      • TJ

        iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, various Macs and online services. All have been “a hit” as you describe it. Most other companies would give anything to have the same level of users, sales and customer satisfaction that Apple has for these products.

      • George

        Read my.comment again, they have not had a hit product like the iphone. Apple does not come close to iPhone sales with any other product.

      • igorsky

        Apple’s iPad business generates more revenue than all of Google/Alphabet combined. It’s Apple Watch business has generated over $1 billion in revenue. Today must be National Stupidity Day…I salute you!

      • TJ

        What an idiot lol Samsung is worth nowhere near as much as Apple in terms of market cap, it’s got a lot of catching up to do. Especially as its mobile phone division hasn’t been doing so well for quite a while.

        And what planet are you on? Apple never started out as merely a phone company and today they have a diverse range of products besides the iPhone. All turning over billions of dollars and profitable products in their own right.

      • Benedict

        The smartphone market can break away as quick as it appeared! Not so with washing machines, ships or chemical factories!

      • igorsky

        And your ignorance is on full display with this nonsensical post. Samsung buys entire companies just so it can do business with Apple. Samsung’s earnings suffer when Apple cuts it out of its chip production.

        Get a clue.