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Apple on Tuesday released its very first battery pack, dubbed the Smart Battery Case and designed for the iPhone 6s and the previous-generation iPhone 6.

The $99 accessory provides device protection and offers even longer battery life: up to 25 hours of talk time, eighteen hours of Internet use on LTE (ten hours without the case) and twenty hours of video playback versus eleven hours provided by the iPhone 6s.

The built-in battery rests on the backside, beneath the credit card-sized protruding bulge. Passthrough and crossover designs permit users to connect Lightning accessories whilst the case is in use and let the case charge itself and the iPhone at the same time.

This accessory joins Apple’s existing lineup of $35 Silicone Cases for the iPhone 6s and the recently launched $49 iPhone Lightning Dock and is available starting today from the Apple Online Store and Apple retail stores.

On the outside, the case features soft-touch finish that “feels great in your hand.” On the inside, it has soft microfiber lining and the soft elastomer hinge design which makes it easy to put the case on and take it off again.

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case image 002

The Lightning-enabled accessory was designed by Apple to support various Lightning accessories, including the Lightning to USB cable included with your iPhone. As a bonus, it works with Apple’s own iPhone Lightning Dock.

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case image 006

“With the Smart Battery Case on, the intelligent battery status is displayed on the iPhone Lock screen and in Notification Center, so you know exactly how much charge you have left,” writes Apple.

There’s also an indicator light on the case for at-a-glance overview of the charging status. Lastly, there’s a cutout on the accessory for the iPhone’s speaker. True to its form, the company did not divulge the case’s battery capacity.


The Smart Battery Case is offered in White and Charcoal Gray, with first shipments estimated to arrive between December 10 and December 14 Apple is also offering free shipping between December 11 and December 15).

The case is compatible with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 4.7-inch iPhone 6s. A variant for the larger-sized iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus is not yet available.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    That bump tho :/
    What were they thinking?
    I already bought a 10,000 mAH portable battery off amazon for 20$ so I’ll pass…

    • iBanks

      How else do you expect an extended battery to look? All extended batteries prior to Mophies were like this for smart and basic phones. Mophies aren’t pretty at all, neither is the new life proof battery pack case.

      • Gabriel Anaya

        They all still look better than this… And this is coming from Apple, artists obsessed with design international 101. Don’t know how they could pass something like that so easily…

      • lou111

        no, they not.
        It still looks like standard silicon case, but with bonus place for battery. How could it be different? I think they wanted to save place for hands with standard thickness. Try to imagine this case on your hands in horizontal, it fits to hands like before.

        All cases with battery are heavy, plastic and ugly. Apple do it more friendly, IF SOMEONE NEEDS ACCESSORY LIKE THIS.

        Well, but it’s too expensive.

      • imvaid

        What do you mean how could it be different? Without that ugly back bump maybe? Like all other battery cases?

      • lou111

        Battery is only on area where we don’t touching phone usually. This save areas where our fingers got grip to keep iphone thin as it was before.

      • iPhoneWINS

        jonny I’ve has been slipping since the promoted him

      • Abi Manyu

        it’s cook vs ive, and cook is very determined to destroy ive’s design.

      • igorsky

        They, very smartly, designed it to be thinner and lighter than every other batter case out there. Too bad they don’t have a sophisticated enough audience to appreciate that.

    • hkgsulphate

      made in China?

    • Christopher

      Two words “Patent Infringement”
      Why else? Unless they can make something different but still pretty… This’ll stay… Because it’s so ugly no one else has done it so there are no patents for it to infringe on.

  • iBanks

    No need, my batteries great.

  • M2

    Looks like a booty sticking out. Apple bottom jeans….get it?

  • Rahul312

    At first I saw it on random website and thought it was fake, But eeewwwww that design is for real and its from apple. YUCK!!!

  • wait…this is an official apple product? for real…looks ugly af

  • diggitydang

    I love my mophie case… I like the lightning adapater on this though, which probably syncs to iTunes seamlessly, but still not worth that ugly bulge. I would’ve expected more from Apple… like ALOT more… for a company that hangs its hat on design, at least try and hide the bump!!

  • Smasma

    Smart battery case designer :
    Grap a silicon case and a battery
    Stick them together
    And put the apple logo
    Introducing apple smart battery cover

    • iPhoneWINS

      with big odd bump

    • leart

      did you use it or made a teardown on it?

      • Smasma

        no , why ?

  • Martynet

    not sure this is very practical… Can you imagine double press of the home button while the iphone is on the table?

    • Morgan Freeman

      Pick the phone up and then press the button. Problem solved. Was that really difficult?

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Not sure why Apple had to have that bump there…no other battery cases have that.

    • iPhoneWINS

      Its cheaper and they decided tok say is a cool design

  • CrazyTurk

    Seriously, why they didnt use the battery technolgie they used to new macbook retina and put small slim battery every where so it could be equal, so disappointed from apple without Jobs!

    • iPhoneWINS

      capitalism … they are getting rid of older cheap batteries

  • I’ll pick one up for the 6s plus if released, though I doubt they will.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Iphone 6c confirmed.

  • Mophie seems more elegant?

    • Abi Manyu

      yes, mophie products are way better than this ugly creature from apple

  • Technocrz!

    $99 are you serious Apple

    • CrazyTurk

      The apple iPhone silicone case cost 50$ so 50$ for a bettery seem legit. Also apple sale this case for 130$ in Canada…

  • Franklin Richards

    K. So I’m guessing more of these are coming when they release a thinner phone next time. Here’s an idea Apple: Put the extra battery into the phone.

    • Alexander Figueroa

      So true

  • Jason

    Just stop making the iPhone thinner and thinner with less battery, and actually put a bigger battery onto the iPhone. Problem solved, battery>thinner

  • Jason

    Btw There’s no point of making a thinner iPhone when you have to put a fat battery case on it….

  • Merman123

    What the f is that.

    I’m embarrassed.

    • stylesbeyond

      obviously a great battery case without the bulk and shitty micro usb

      • Bangali

        er..withOUT the bulk? Obviously..

      • stylesbeyond

        yeah? without the bulk! most cover the whole of the back case causing unnecessary bulk where its not needed

      • Bangali

        guess thats your opinion..tbh I would prefer to carry a power bank instead or even one that is flush all the way around..I can see advantages and disadvantages to this one but mostly tho I think it looks really ugly..

      • Abi Manyu

        necessary or not (which is debatable), a bulk is a bulk. You clearly need to check your eyes asap for your statement “a great battery case without the bulk”.

      • igorsky

        Thanks for getting it. Finally great to read a post in this thread that makes any sense.

  • stylesbeyond

    finally a sexy looking case, with a lightning connector you can dock it and hold it like you would normally without the bulk, thank you no micro USB junk

  • Vince Reedy

    Leave it to Apple to increase profits from a problem they created.

    • Morgan Freeman

      Job security.

  • Shankar Dasika

    It looks like it was but fcuked by android in doggystyle and patched with plastic (sillicone ) lol

    this case definitely made my day never thought I would see something like this from apple that too for 100 dollars a pop.

  • Eric Castro

    what an abomination. they could have made the iphone as thick as the 5 was, with the perfect thickness and shape, and have room for more juice. first the ipad pro and now this. oh apple what have you become

  • rockdude094

    Unlike most people here, I actually like the case, but i don’t understand why the phone can’t use power directly from the external battery instead of charging the internal battery then using it. I believe that transferring power from battery to battery results in massive inefficiencies and wastes unnecessary power, which could otherwise be used to power the phone instead.

  • leart

    😛 funny or not, is always better to connect your precious product to battery pack that is made from apple rather than made from other companies

  • The f uck is up with that design? Hands down the most hideous case…and its designed by Apple?!!!!!!!

  • Cristian B

    Lord God help me

  • jaimem17

    Ok so Apple is getting pretty serious in wasting their potential. It all started with the Apple watch, then iPad pro, Apple Pencil and now this?? Really Apple? All your good years are gone with this product that is shouting “our product doesn’t compete in battery life the way it should be so instead of getting better batteries snap a piece of crap to your iPhone so you can use it more…” Shame on you Apple…

  • Unknow Unknow

    Fuckk what is thinking Apple fuckking ugly battery case this fuckking world is goin to the hell is this innovative for $99 wtf fuckk fuckk fuckk stupid fuckk Apple

  • redjazon

    No, thank you!
    I’m happy with my Mili battery case.
    Almost half the price ($55.90), double the capacity (3,500mAh) better design and quality.

  • AwkwardApple

    Apple. Quit making the fracking phone thinner and give us more battery. No I am not going to buy your stupid battery pack.

  • AwkwardApple

    Apple jumped the shark on this one. Going to Android.