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Accessory maker Moxiware today announced an interesting charging dock for the $99 Apple Pencil that keeps your stylus in an upright position while it’s docked and charging. This should be good news for critics who ridicule Apple’s way of charging the Apple Pencil through the iPad Pro’s Lightning port.

The accessory is provided in anodized aluminum or hard wood, each in a cone or cylinder-shaped variant, and is available for pre-order beginning today for $30.

Charge your Apple Pencil in upright position

With its simple yet elegant design, this handy dock makes it easy to charge and store your Apple Pencil. It’s also very portable and matches up nicely with Moxiware’s existing collection of iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch docks.

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Keep in mind that the dock doesn’t come with an included Lightning cable so you’ll have to buy your own and route it through the base of the dock. That it looks like a traditional pen stand is a huge bonus, I guess.


The Moxiware Apple Pencil Charging Dock is available in anodized aluminum or hard wood, each in cone or cylinder-shaped variant. The cone editions have Lightning port for charging while the cylinder ones come with an added Pencil holder.

The accessory can be pre-ordered from the Moxiware website for $30 a pop, plus an additional $6.95 for shipping worldwide. First shipments are scheduled to arrive in December 2015.

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Source: Moxiware via 9to5Mac

  • Anonymous

    I just might have to get me one.

  • The Fluffy Alpaca

    Do I have to buy a new female-lightning cable?

  • LA Chauffeur

    As of Friday 12/11/15, Moxiware sent emails, to those of us that pre-ordered, advising that the ‘Coned Shaped Dock’ is not going to ship. The email stated the following options:
    1. Cancel my complete order for a refund.
    2. Refund the Pencil Dock Cone and send the other items in my order.
    3. Switch the Cone model to the Cylinder model.

    They state on their site it’s (Come shaped models) not available and not going to ship anytime soon.

    Too bad as it seems like a great idea.