ios 9 jailbreak tweaks comaptibility

Most of us were taken by surprise by the release of the Pangu iOS 9 jailbreak yesterday, and although this is exciting news, there are still some things to keep in mind at this time, such as the fact that many tweaks won’t be working right off the bat.

The good news is, Cydia Substrate has been updated for iOS 9. The bad news is, your favorite tweak might not have been yet. Fortunately, the community has once again come together and is working on an iOS 9 jailbreak tweaks compatibility list to help identify what tweaks are currently working and what tweaks aren’t.

The full list is available as a Google Doc here.

Among the tweaks that are currently compatible with iOS 9, we find:

  • Anchor
  • iFile
  • OpenSSH
  • PDANet
  • Phantom
  • SwipeSelection
  • TetherMe
  • and many more

This is of course a work in progress, and anyone is welcome to participate in the testings. As jailbreak developers get to test their tweaks and update them for the latest software version, it’s safe to assume that your favorite ones should be made compatible soon. It’s just a matter of time.

More about this topic:

  • Keith S

    iBlacklist yet?

  • zephyrmotion

    Apex 2


  • Jose Aureliano Quijada

    Is whatspad working?

  • Raph Ael

    Strange, jailbreak works well. But I have taig in Cydia…. Can’t delete can’t install can’t downgrade. It’s just there…. Also the pangu app is still on the screen. But the jailbreak works fine…

  • Mo

    Has anyone else noticed some of the 3D Touch features not working on stock apps anymore like Mail or Maps or that if it does work the menu options have become short like I no longer have the option to select from 3 ppl to call from the phone app or msgs app for that matter

    • Mo

      It also seems as if they’re testing most of the tweaks on the 6 & below cuz half them tweaks don’t work… u have to launch into safe mode after installing… I noticed that any of the tweaks that needed Rocketbootstrap wouldn’t work on my 6s… give me some feedback pls

  • fairladyzs30

    Can you add iBLacklist to your list?

  • Matt

    While TetherMe, itself, works, it causes other apps to crash upon opening.

  • Kiran Patil

    Why cannot I purchase tweaks on Cydia? It shows me a message saying ‘Cydia is not yet prepared to accept money….

    • Mo

      Cydia hasn’t been updated to accept money yet

  • Jack

    PowerTap does NOT work with IOS 9.0.2

  • Forrest Sims

    CustomNotificationSound has been update for IOS 9 also

  • Forrest Sims

    i was using unlocksound before todays update and it was working fine after todays update when i unlock my iphone 6 i go straight to safe mode..

  • Forrest Sims

    looking for a tweak to change carrier name until springtomize is updated for IOS 9 can anyone help me out?

  • kareka

    “Bars” Works perfect IOS 9.0.2; “Audiorecorder2” Works perfect, Yes have button during calls; VirtualHome 8 n 9 Doenst work, doesnt let you to installi it…..

  • kareka

    Doenst work. IOS 9.0.2, dont let you to install it

    • Diego

      Already release a new compatible iOS 9 version

      • kareka

        Yep, but you have to purchage the last version

      • Diego

        Cydia now let you purchase new tweaks.
        Try it now